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Thanks to impeachment: Trump headquarters raised $ 46 million in the election fund

At the headquarters of U.S. President Donald Trump, who is being re-elected for a second term, they said that over the past three months of 2019, they managed to raise $ 46 in donations. The headquarters of the Republican President owes impeachment to such high rates, writes "Voice of America".


“Democrats and the media rampant from fake impeachment, and the president’s campaign is only getting bigger and stronger, showing the best result for the quarter to raise funds, ”the campaign manager Brad Parscal said in a statement.

The headquarters reports that in general, they have raised $ 103 million in donations over the entire time.

On the subject: Survey: less than half of US residents believe Trump should be removed from power

Democrats running for this election report more modest results. Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont State, said that over the past three months they have raised $ 34 and a half million, from Mayor Pete Butige - $ 24,7 million and from businessman Andrew Young - $ 16,5 million over the same period.

Until January 31, all registered candidates were supposed to send data on fundraising for the last quarter of last year to the Federal Election Commission, but, as a rule, candidates with good performance will publish them earlier.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Congressmen became interested in a telephone conversation between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and US President Donald Trump in late July as part of an investigation into whether Trump and his lawyer Rudolf Giuliani tried put pressure on Ukraine in order to help Trump's election campaign in 2020 year.
  • Democrats announce formal request for US impeachment, which was triggered by a conversation between Ukrainian and American leaders.
  • US Department of State published conversation transcript President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and President of the United States Donald Trump.
  • 9 October in the White House officially announced refusal to cooperate with the investigation on the possibility of declaring impeachment to US President Donald Trump, which is held by Democrats in the House of Representatives. The presidential administration considers these accusations to be "baseless" and "unconstitutional."
  • 31 October US House of Representatives approved the resolutionaccording to which the investigation into the possibility of impeachment to US President Donald Trump goes to the public stage.
  • 13 November US House of Representatives launched an open hearing as part of an investigation into impeachment regarding President Donald trump: 10 television channels broadcast the meeting, 13,8 million Americans watched this broadcast.
  • Spotlight on second hearing there were testimonies Marie Jovanovic, former US ambassador to Ukraine. Jovanovic was sent resigned as head of the US diplomatic mission in Kiev in May. Democrats claim that Jovanovic became a victim campaign organized by Rudi Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer.
  • 19 November at the House Intelligence Committee have spoken Jennifer Williams, Alexander Windman, Kurt Walker and Tim Morrison.
  • 3 December impeachment report accusing President Donald Trump of abuse of power promulgated U.S. House Intelligence Committee.
  • 7 December impeachment report опубликовал House Judicial Committee responsible for formulating specific charges.
  • Xnumx december democrats unveiled two articles on impeachment are abuse of power and obstruction to Congress.
  • Over the centuries-old history of the country, not a single US president has been removed from office by impeachment. Although the real threat of impeachment still forced one president to voluntarily resign. And this case concerned the confrontation between electoral candidates in the USA. Another president, whom they tried to impeach, bought Alaska from Russia. Read about the American impeachment story in our material.
  • On December 16, the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress released a report in which recommended the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump, and the Senate to remove him from office.
  • On the eve of the House of Representatives vote on the resolution on the impeachment of the US president, which was scheduled for December 18, Donald Trump sent a sharp letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
  • 18 December U.S. House of Representatives impeaches President Donald Trump on the basis of allegations that he abused the post for his own political gain, and also impeded attempts to investigate his actions.
  • Trump has become third president in US historyimpeached.
  • Democrats refuse to transfer to the Senate already approved articles of charges against the head of the White Houseand without this, senators cannot start a hearing to remove the US president from power.
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