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Dependence on cars and one supermarket per city: why ours is unusual in one-story America

Although many people at the word “USA” represent big cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, the vast majority of the country's inhabitants live in the so-called one-story America. Therefore, the blog author "Elena in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen I decided to tell you what it is like to live in a "sleeping" town for 15 people.

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Next - from the first person.

This is completely dependent on the car, because there is no public transport. Around alone houses and roads, roads and houses ... Ah, well, more squirrels!

Is it possible to walk somewhere? Oh sure! Let's see where you can get without a car.

There is one medium-sized supermarket in the town - Kroger. From our house I can walk to it in 30-35 minutes (one way). We do not have our own post office, so when I need to send a parcel, I go to another city - 45-50 minutes on foot (one way).

How to get to the neighboring city? Cross the road! It's not a joke.

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Well, at least we have free-standing mailboxes for sending correspondence. The closest is a 20-minute walk. If you need to send postcards to my subscribers, then it's pretty simple to do.

You can also walk to several restaurants - the closest is 20 minutes from us.

Can I get to the park? You can, for about 45 legs.

Since we do not have any enterprises in our city, everyone, except for the owners of small shops on the main street and working from home, go to work in neighboring cities - in every direction. Greg gets to the office in 30-35 minutes.

And what is more important - we are lucky - we have sidewalks everywhere. Yes, you guessed right - not everyone is so lucky, and not all the towns of one-story America have sidewalks in residential areas. And there is no sidewalk - you can't get anywhere on foot!

Well, that’s all, basically. I hope that with this post I once and for all answered the question that they ask me on Instagram: “Why doesn’t anyone walk in your stories?”

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So there is nowhere to walk. It's easier to jump into the car and get where you want to go. And on foot ... Well, there is nothing to do here on foot, only if you really want to walk, but even with us it rarely happens - it's a pity to spend time on the road, the weather is bad.

Original blog post "Elena in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen.

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