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What should not be on your resume if you want to find a job in the USA

Are you preparing a resume? Naturally, you want to tell potential employers everything about yourself, but some things are still better left unsaid.

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Remember, your resume should convince someone to hire you. Therefore, avoid specifying anything that might cause the employer to doubt your abilities.

Below are seven things you should avoid in your resume.

  1. Criticism of past employers

A reliable way to scare off a potential employer it is to criticize past leaders. You may feel justified in your criticism, but the purpose of the resume show talents and abilities, not make complaints. Do not give potential employers the impression that you are not loyal or even unhappy. Instead, write about your positive relationships and achievements. Tell people about the good things you can bring to their business if they provide you with this opportunity.

  1. Apologies for past problems

If you were fired from your job, you may feel the need to explain the situation on your resume. It's natural to want to tell your side of the story, especially if you feel like you're not at fault. However, don't spend too much time discussing disappointments and missed opportunities. You may be given the impression that you do not take responsibility for your mistakes. Better write about past successes. If you are asked to explain your dismissal during an interview, be honest, but keep it short. Let people know you are focused on the future.

  1. Irrelevant skills

When an applicant lists non-work related skills, it may appear that he or she does not have valuable skills to demonstrate. Instead, describe what you learned new, what you learned from your previous job.

  1. Old achievements

Focus on the latest advances in your resume. If something was achieved 10 or 15 years ago, potential employers may have the impression that your success is behind.

  1. Bad grammar and spelling

If you submit a resume with errors, typos or grammatical errors, you are unlikely to pass an interview. Even if you are in an area where the proper use of the language seems unimportant, most employers want to know that their employees have good communication skills. Grammar errors in your resume may indicate that you are careless and possibly unreliable. An error-free resume allows employers to understand that you are serious about work.

  1. Too much information

Recruiters have a limited amount of time to sort applications. When selecting candidates, information about experience, training and past work is important to them. If you write in great detail about every job you have ever done, you can create a bad impression about yourself. Even worse, the information that sets you apart as a candidate may be overlooked. In most cases, it is enough to provide one or two pages of information. You can expand your qualifications at the interview stage.

  1. Exaggeration of achievements

You may be tempted to exaggerate skills or achievements. However do it mistake. If you wrote something in writing, you cannot take it back. Even if it helps you get a job, a lie can come up in a few years and damage your reputation or career. Therefore, do not exaggerate qualifications. If you do not have a college diploma, describe the skills you gained at work. The best way to get a resume filled with achievements, this is a job you are proud of.

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