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Ten secret restaurants in the USA: what is their highlight and how to find them

The coolest secret restaurants in America are an unforgettable adventure. You can find these hidden spots in alleys, behind hidden doors and other hard-to-reach places in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Atlanta, reports Time-out.

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In fact, in the era of social media and the Internet, little is a secret. But there are still unexplored gastronomic territories in major US cities where you can have a delicious time.

1. La Noxe | New York City, NY

La noxe this is a small bar and tapas establishment that is literally underground, next to train 1 to Chelsea. Before sneaking in, ring the sidewalk bell at 162 West 28th Street and hope for a free seat. Or reserve a table in advance. Of course, this reduces the appeal of the idea of ​​discovery and surprise a bit, but at least you will actually get inside.

2. No relation | Boston, MA

No relation is a secret nine-seat sushi restaurant tucked away in Shore Leave on the south side of Boston. No Relation serves a 14-course omakase menu at this tropical-inspired bar. Guests can only access No Relation by purchasing a ticket. Tickets can be purchased on OpenTable for $150 per person. Every evening there are two schedules at 18:00 and 20:30.

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3. Duck Sel | Chicago, IL

There are many gourmet restaurants in Chicago, but none of them is shrouded in such mystery as Duck Sel. Donald Young, Michelin-starred former chef at Temporis, hosts a series of monthly dinners where he treats guests to whimsical dishes that showcase local, seasonal ingredients and avant-garde techniques. You can book a table online, but the address will only be known 24-48 hours before the event.

4 Burger Joint | New York City, NY

Mystery restaurant Burger Joint with simple decor, it serves its famous burgers and fries. No longer a secret (the food's fame has gone beyond mystery), but still the best burger restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, Burger Joint welcomes guests with its no-frills menu of flavorful burgers and fries. If you want to dine at this hidden gem, you'll have to find it first. Reservations are not available - only live queue.

Enter the lobby, take a look at the red velvet curtain and go inside for the most delicious burger.

5. Eleanor's | Smyrna, GA

Muss & Turner's is a good place to dine, but if you walk past the counter and prep area and then through the freezer - yes, the freezer door - you'll be in Eleanor's. The Prohibition-style restaurant offers well-crafted cocktails, complemented by tasty appetizers on small plates, and unique sandwich offerings.

6. Cavern Grotto Restaurant | Peach Springs, AZ

Located on Route 66, the restaurant Cavern Grotto located at a depth of 64 m underground in the caves of the Grand Canyon. Set on a terrace overlooking the largest chamber in the cave system, the four-table, 16-seat restaurant serves lunch, including a main course, side dish, and an all-you-can-eat dessert for $49,95 per person. American food is cooked above ground and then taken down in an elevator to the 21st floor underground. There she finally climbs 7m into the dining area through a pulley system to a waiter who brings her to the table. Advance booking is required, including a tour of the cave.

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There's also the Cavern Suite, the deepest hotel room in the world, if you want to extend your stay there.

7. Sushi Kaneyoshi | Los Angeles, CA

It's more hidden than secret a restaurant (actually one of the best sushi restaurants in LA). This basement sushi bar in Little Tokyo serves edomae-style sushi to a select group of patrons every evening. To get to the restaurant, take the spiral staircase from the garage, or ask security for access to the elevator. To make a reservation, visit the Tock Sushi Kaneyoshi page on the first day of the month and hurry up - tables appear at 15:00 pm PST and disappear within seconds.

8. Gia | Montreal, Canada

This rustic Italian a restaurant, tucked away between the Autoroute 720 underpass and one of Montreal's largest Home Depots, is known for its grilled meat skewers and a wide selection of natural wines. Look for the south entrance to this nondescript cement building (former RCA building). If you ended up in a parking lot, then you went the other way.

9. Hidden | Miami, FL

We bet most Michelin-starred restaurants aren't hidden behind an unmarked secret door inside a taco restaurant. You will need a booking to access the eight seater restaurant Omakase, and a special code to really get inside. To be honest, it's quite exhilarating to walk past a regularly crowded diner with taco-drinking patrons to enter your code. The $300 (!) tasting menu, compiled from different regions of Japan, is also pretty grand and definitely worth it.

10. Frevo | New York City, NY

Restaurant hid behind a chic modern art gallery in Greenwich Village. Walk around the huge painting to enter the upscale 16-seat Chef Frevo restaurant. Here you will be treated to a tasting menu from Chef Franco Samponia. You will be able to watch the team prepare several elaborately decorated dishes using seasonal ingredients, with an emphasis on high-end ingredients such as pikitoi crabs, wagyu and white asparagus.

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Choose excellent wine pairings from sommelier Quentin Voleon. Two booking schedules each evening, at 18:00 pm and 21:00 pm, open on the first day of the month and fill up quickly, so plan your elegant date in advance.

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