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US withdraws Marie Yovanovic from the post of ambassador to Ukraine

Embassy officials have already been notified of the return date of Marie Yovanovic to the United States.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch 20 May ends work in the country. According to ZN.UA from American diplomatic sources, Marie Yovanovitch urgently left for Washington for consultations.

This Saturday, May 11, the ambassador is due to fly to Ukraine. And on May 20, which all diplomats of the embassy notified today, Jovanovic will return to Washington. Prior to the appointment of a new head of a diplomatic mission in Ukraine, his duties will be performed by a temporary attorney, whose nomination has not yet occurred.

On the subject: Scandal with the US ambassador to Ukraine: more and more politicians are calling for dismissal of Jovanovic

In 2016, Marie Yovanovitch replaced Jeffrey Payette as US Ambassador to Ukraine. In July, the US Senate approved her candidacy, and on August 23 Jovanovic arrived in Kiev.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Prior to that, she worked as Assistant Secretary of State and was responsible for bilateral relations with the countries of Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Central Europe. She also served as ambassador to Armenia (2008-2011) and Kyrgyzstan (2005-2008), and worked in embassies in Moscow, London, Ottawa, Mogadishu and Kiev.

On the subject: To bribe Biden: how the authorities in Ukraine have corrupted the American democrats and influenced the US elections in favor of Clinton

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • In June 2016, the White House announced the official nomination of diplomat Marie Yovanovitch to the post of the United States Ambassador to Ukraine. Who is she and what did she plan to do at the time of taking office - Read here.
  • Calls for the removal of Jovanovic intensified after 20 in March, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said in an interview with The Hill that launched an investigation into members of law enforcement countries as to whether leak of financial reports of the Party of Regions in 2016 about deals with the then head of Trump's campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, deliberate, and whether the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were trying to influence the US presidential campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton in this way.
  • Lutsenko argued that Yovanovitch gave him a list of persons whom he should not pursue, and refused to cooperate in investigating the misappropriation of American financial assistance in Ukraine. The embassy denied such allegations.
  • Later Lutsenko admitted that Jovanovic did not give him a "list of untouchables"for which allegedly it was impossible to initiate an investigation, although he had previously stated the opposite.
  • President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in this situation sided with Marie Yovanovitch, expressing his full support for the US ambassador to Ukraine and satisfaction with the strategic partnership with the United States. And there are reasons for this. We wrote in detail about how the authorities in Ukraine corrupted the American democrats and influenced the US election in favor of Clinton.
  • 20 March, during an interview in the “Hannity” program on Fox News, former US federal prosecutor Joe DiDjenova expressed the need for remove Jovanovic from his position because of her actions to “undermine the credibility” of the Trump administration.
  • He also asked that Pete Sessions (a Republican from Texas), who at that time served as chairman of the Rules Committee, wrote about the dismissal of Jovanovic back in 2018, who at that time wrote personal letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with a request to withdraw Jovanovic, arguing that she made scornful statements about President Trump.

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