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Street, avenue, boulevard or drive: how to understand the classification of US streets and roads

Street, avenue, lane, court, drive are just a few subtypes of streets that are found in the United States. How to understand what is what, and why the road on which your house is located is called a boulevard, and not an avenue, for example? Channel author tells That American Life on Yandex.Zen.

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No, this is not a whim or a fantasy of local developers - in fact, there is a road classification in the USA that city planners must adhere to. And although in practice they do not always succeed, in most cases they still try not to break the rules.

In general, the name of a road depends on its size and function. What is called in the USA road (road or highway) Is a path connecting two (or more) points on the map, and for streetfor example, there are houses and other buildings on both sides. It turns out that, according to the rules, a street can be expensive, but a road is not a street.

Avenue (avenues) often run perpendicular to streets, and are also characterized by buildings and trees on either side. The municipality of each city has the right to decide in which direction to place its streets and avenues. For example, in Manhattan, avenues run from north to south, and streets run from east to west; in Denver, the opposite is true.

In addition to streets and avenues in the United States, there are other subtypes of roads, the names of which in most cases are not translated:

Boulevard - a fairly wide street, often with several lanes for traffic, trees on both sides, and a wide median strip, where trees usually also grow.

Court - a small street, most often in a residential area, which leads to a dead end.

Crescent (crescent) - a winding narrow road that usually connects to other roads at both ends.

Drive (drive) - a long road that runs along or around a geographic feature: mountains or rivers, for example.

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Lane (lane): a narrow road that is usually found in residential areas or villages with private houses or residential complexes.

Place: road or street with a dead end. Unlike the court, the play area does not have a circle or loop to turn at the end of a dead end.

Terrace: street leading downhill.

Way (way): a short alley that branches off the main road, often ending in a dead end.

This list can be supplemented with other types of roads found in different American cities. Of course, not all developers follow the rules, and it happens that the lane may actually turn out to be a court, and walking along the drive, you will not see either a mountain or a river. However, knowing these terms will certainly help you better navigate American cities, and a word like street + avenue will not throw you into culture shock.

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