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'Official request initiated': Trump faces impeachment over Zelensky

On September 24, Donald Trump authorized the publication of a transcript of a conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Meanwhile, the Democrats announced the launch of an official request for impeachment of the US president, which was triggered by a conversation between Ukrainian and American leaders.

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He wrote about this on his Twitter page on Tuesday, September 24. This is an unedited full version of the July telephone conversation of politicians, writes Columnist.

“I now represent our country at the UN. I gave permission tomorrow [September 25] to publish the complete, fully declassified and unedited transcript of my conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, ”he wrote.

Trump added that the conversation was friendly and “completely appropriate” without any pressure, “unlike Joe Biden and his son.”

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Following a statement by the President, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she would announce the start of an official investigation into the impeachment process of President Donald Trump, writes New Time with reference to The Washington Post. Later that day this announcement was made.

“Over the past several months, we have been conducting investigations in our committees and trials in courts so that the House of Representatives can gather all relevant facts and consider the issue, use its powers in accordance with Article 1, in particular, the constitutional right to impeach.

On the subject: How Trump and Zelensky's telephone conversation led to a political scandal in the USA

And this week, the president admitted that he asked the president of Ukraine to take measures that would bring him [Trump] political benefits.

President Trump’s actions have shown the president’s violation of the oath and betrayal of our national security. Changes in the principle of integrity of our elections.

Therefore, today I am announcing the decision of the House of Representatives to initiate a formal request for impeachment, ”Pelosi said in her address, citing Columnist.

According to WP sources, Pelosi and senior Democrats are discussing the creation of a special committee that will deal with the impeachment process of Trump.

In turn, Trump reacted violently to statements about his possible impeachment, calling it "harassment."

“They didn't even see the transcript of the call. Total witch hunt! " - he was indignant on his Twitter page.


Earlier, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, unveiled five demands on the White House in connection with the scandal:

  • identify at the hearing what prompted the informant to file an urgent complaint;
  • convey to Congress an informant complaint as required by law;
  • The White House to unveil the transcript of a conversation with Trump Zelensky;
  • indicate the officials of the presidential administration who delayed the deployment of 341 million dollars of military assistance to Ukraine;
  • The Department of Justice will provide a legal conclusion with the obligation of the Administration to forward the complaint to Congress informants.

As noted by Ukrinfrom with reference to NBC News, at least 166 members of the US Democratic Party in the House of Representatives support the impeachment of the president, thus prompting Speaker Nancy Pelosi to introduce this mechanism.

“As of Tuesday, at least 166 Democrats supported the idea of ​​impeachment - more than two-thirds of the 235 members of the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives,” the report said.

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Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will support impeachment of President Donald Trump, provided that the White House does not cooperate with Congress to investigate a phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, during which Trump allegedly insisted on investigating the activities of Biden and his son. It is reported RBC-Ukraine with reference to The Hill.

It is reported that Biden is due to speak on this subject on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware.

“He is going to urge Trump to comply with all legitimate requests from Congress for information - in the case of Ukraine and other investigations - and if Trump does not comply with all requirements, Congress has no choice but to initiate impeachment proceedings,” the message said.

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