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Musk fires all Tesla marketers over 'too common' ads

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO and product architect, has fired all of the company's US marketers due to "too generic" advertising, reports iXBT.

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New details are emerging about layoffs at Tesla. Tesla's entire 40-person US marketing team has been laid off, sources said. The team was led by senior manager Alex Ingram, who was also fired.

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“It's really true. Tesla advertising was too ordinary and simple. Based on the description, one could think of any other car,” Musk wrote on X.

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Tesla hasn't spent any money on advertising for years, relying largely on word of mouth from car owners to spread its products. Last May, Musk announced that he would change his original strategy and try to "advertise my cars a little bit."

The businessman said late last year that Tesla would conduct a small advertising experiment to evaluate its effectiveness.

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“I said we’ll start advertising. We are doing this on a small scale and will expand it depending on the results,” the entrepreneur said.

As global growth in electric vehicle sales slows and competitors enter the market, investors are increasingly calling on Musk to focus more on marketing.

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On February 6 this year, some netizens discovered that Tesla advertisements appeared on Platform X.

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