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Where in the USA to buy the medicines we are used to: a list of pharmacies

Corvalol or validol, ivy or plantain syrup, tinctures of traditional Ukrainian herbs - these familiar Ukrainian remedies cannot be found in American pharmacies, only in specialized ones. One of these pharmacies is located in the mountainous state of Colorado, says "Voice of America".

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Corvalol or validol for two dollars, traditional Ukrainian herbal fees for four. These and other medicines made in Ukraine can be purchased at a pharmacy in the small town of Arvada in the US state of Colorado.

Fifteen years ago, Yulia Yukhnovskaya, a Lviv woman, immigrated to the United States. An economist by training, she got a job at a pharmacy.

“After a long time spent in the pharmacy, I realized that this is what I would like to do all my life,” says Yulia.

Over time, Julia got the idea to start her own business and offer her compatriots the medicines they were used to. To make her dream come true, Julia went to get a second higher education, and in 2015 she received a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry. Now she is studying at the Faculty of Pharmacology and dreams of getting a Ph.D.

In 2019 Julia opened her own pharmacy. This is a painstaking business, but worth it, says Julia.

“The first thing you need is desire,” she says. "You need to be well versed in paperwork, you need to know what regulations are required, register a company, have a pharmaceutical education, that is, be a pharmacist."

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Julia made her dream come true with her longtime colleague, Nigerian immigrant Samuel Ichi. They did not take a loan for the business, they opened a pharmacy using their own savings. A colleague calls Yulia a reliable business partner. The goal was to offer the immigrant community drugs and supplies that cannot be found in local pharmacies, and a high level of service.

“Our mission is to serve the local Ukrainian community,” says Ichi. "Help them and provide them with the necessary medical and pharmaceutical supplies."

According to Yulia, the pharmacy not only offers ready-made forms, but can also make a drug according to a special recipe for a specific client.

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The pharmacy is open six days a week. In total, it employs eight people. There is also a Ukrainian among them.

Former Lviv resident, a graduate of the Lviv Polygraphic Institute, Dmitry Sokulsky, among other things, is responsible for equipment and new technologies. Dmitry, pharmacy manager for medical equipment, has been working in the pharmacy for 3,5 years. He especially likes the opportunity to help people.

In addition to her own pharmacy, Julia, along with her friends, takes an active part in the life of Ukrainians in Colorado: together they cook, read and discuss Ukrainian books, pass on Ukrainian traditions to children.

“Every woman should realize herself, not only as a mother, not only as a wife, but also as a person,” Yulia is sure. “This is possible in this country. And by my example, I convey to each of you that you can. You just have to try. "

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Where in the USA to buy the drugs we are used to

According to statistics, there are 1000 pharmacies for every 40 inhabitants. True, they rather resemble supermarkets, where you can buy literally everything - from medicines to cosmetics and office supplies. This is a completely different format of the pharmacy business that you need to get used to. In the same way as for the names of new drugs, the constant search for domestic analogues, writes SameHour.

Please note that in the American market, only about 10% of all drugs are sold in the public domain. You will be very surprised that many of the usual and available medicines in your homeland can be bought here only with a prescription from a doctor, with strict instructions on how to take them. Prescription drugs include all groups of antibiotics, drugs for blood pressure and for normalizing heart rate. You can't do serious self-medication here.

At first glance, all pharmacies are the same. In fact, each of them differs both in the assortment offered and in the quality service. It is quite possible to find a pharmacy behind a typical sign in America, in the assortment of which the usual medicines of Russian and European production are also presented. Pharmacists in such pharmacies are able to provide advice in Russian, help you choose the right medicines or find their American counterparts.

New York

Bright Pharmacy & Medical Supply. Inc. - a wonderful pharmacy in Brighton Beach. In it you can find any necessary medicines. The helpful staff will help you with the selection of medicines and provide a range of services. It's not a problem here if you don't speak English well. The pharmacy accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and other major types of insurance. If necessary, you can order medicines delivered to your home.

  • Address: 227 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Pharmacy - another Russian pharmacy in Brighton, where you can find a wide selection of domestic drugs.

  • Address: Brighton Beach Avenue 511, New York, NY 11235.

Be Well Pharmacy - a Russian pharmacy offering medicines, medical equipment and the assistance of qualified pharmacists.

  • Address: Brooklyn, 20th Ave 8012, New York, NY 11214.

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HEALTH FIRST # 1 - a large pharmacy, the assortment of which consists of more than 6000 items of medical products, as well as all kinds of herbs, tinctures, vitamins and cosmetics. You can count on personalized service, highly qualified service, free parking space and home delivery of medicines.

  • Address: 1670 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton.


Solutions Pharmacy - Russian pharmacy in Miami, where you can get a wide range of services, including qualified pharmaceutical consultation and home delivery of medicines.

  • Address: 17036 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles, FL 33160.
  • Contact phone: (305) 945-8977


Michael's Green Store - a pharmacy in downtown Chicago with the widest selection of drugs made exclusively from natural ingredients. Orders are also shipped throughout the United States by mail.

  • Address: West Devon Avenue 2957, Chicago, IL.

Bienestar Pharmacy - another pharmacy with domestic drugs and Russian-speaking pharmacists.

  • Address: West 21st Street 966, Chicago, IL

Los Angeles

Curson Pharmacy Is one of the best pharmacies in Los Angeles according to reviews from A special asset of the pharmacy is its very polite and helpful staff.

  • Address: 7559 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

Fairfax Pharmacy Is another Russian pharmacy in California, in the pharmacy business for over 25 years. Here you can buy both serious medications and those sold without a prescription.

  • Address: 1111 N. Fairfax Ave., Suite 110, Los Angeles, CA.


Victoria's Health Products - Russian pharmacy, open daily from 10 am to 20 pm, except Sundays. On Sundays, you can purchase the medicines you need at a kiosk located a 7-minute walk from the pharmacy itself.

  • Address: 6041 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Family Discount Pharmacy - the company is engaged in both the sale of domestic and American drugs. Any recipe and composition of the bottle will be translated into Russian for you. If you wish, you can leave the prescription and order home delivery, or within 15 minutes all the medicines will be in your hands.

  • Address: 5830 Jameson Court, Carmichael, CA 95608.

San Francisco

Torgsyn Discount Pharmacy - combines high quality products and an individual approach to each client. You can purchase medicines from the company both online in a few clicks, and by visiting an offline point of sale.

  • Address: 5614 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121.


Russian pharmacies in Atlanta are also represented. TPHARMA LIFE for almost 20 years it has been offering high quality service and a wide range of products. You can get all the necessary information on the official website, by calling 404-261-7775, as well as by visiting an offline point.

  • Address: 2915 Piedmont Rd. Ste A, Atlanta, GA 30305

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New Jersey

There is a pharmacy in Tinek Parkview Pharmacy... It offers a wide range of different medicines and medical equipment.

  • Address: Queen Anne Road 1430, Tynec, NJ 07666. Contact phone: 201-837-6368.


A large chain Russian pharmacy is located in Bellevue, a 30-minute drive from Seattle Sevan Pharmacy... It has everything you need at an affordable price.

  • Address: 1299 156th Ave NE, Bellevue. Phone number: 425-644-8887.

San Diego

San Diego has a XNUMX-hour branch of the most popular Russian online pharmacy in the USA

  • Address: 5941 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA 92123. Phone: +1 516-340-2122.

There are also many online pharmacies in the US where you can buy familiar medicines. If you do not have time to travel in search of the nearest Russian pharmacy, then use the online services and receive your order by courier.

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