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Personal experience: what not to do in America

America is a colorful country, especially when it comes to laws. Sometimes actions that are completely familiar to residents of post-Soviet countries may be prohibited in some US states or even throughout the country, he writes in his blog Between New York and Boston Aleksandra Ukrainko. ForumDaily publishes material with the permission of the author.

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Vigilant Americans do not pass by “turning a blind eye” to violations, but immediately call the police. The judicial system works so efficiently that receiving a hefty fine or even a prison sentence for a seemingly insignificant (by our standards) offense is commonplace in America.

So, what is better not to do while in the United States:

Control a drone flying over people

I often see drones being used to shoot crowds from above during special events. In the States, their flights are strictly regulated. There is a long list of things that should not be done with a drone, in particular flying over people.

If you purchased (or built) a drone and want to use it as soon as possible, you don't need to do this until you register it. Registration takes place online and costs some ridiculous money. During the registration process, you will learn the rules and restrictions regarding the use of the drone. Then you will take a specialized test to consolidate the information. Registration is considered complete when you are sent an individual number, which will serve as confirmation of permission to use the drone. After this, there is nothing to worry about when a police officer approaches you and asks for your registration number, without which you may be given a hefty fine and your drone may be confiscated.

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If you are going to use the aircraft for commercial purposes, then you need to obtain a special license, and this will already be different rules and other amounts to be paid.

Download free movies or music

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In America, intellectual property law does not exist on paper; it is actually observed, and violators are severely punished. We also have relevant laws, but often they remain only on paper. It is sometimes difficult for our people to understand that downloading movies from the Internet is a violation of the law, because everyone here does it.

My husband and I thought the same when we arrived in the States, and out of habit, we downloaded a cartoon to the children. However, literally a week later, in our mailbox, we found a formal notice that there were suspicions that we had violated the law. Probably, the Internet providers are watching the download and provide information where to follow. This letter was a warning and contained information about the amount of a fine facing us or even imprisonment in case of repeated registrations of violations of the law on intellectual property.

Our desire to “pump” another film has disappeared once and for all. I’m sure that in the States you can find loopholes for watching films illegally, but I somehow don’t want to do this in violation of local laws.

To go fishing

It sounds strange, but you cannot come to a pond, cast a fishing rod and enjoy fishing in America. To go fishing, you need to purchase a special permit, which will be valid for a certain period. There are also restrictions in choosing a body of water for fishing - not everywhere you can fish even with a permit.

The size of the fish caught and its quantity can also be a reason for a fine. Before starting fishing, you need to clarify what size is allowed to catch, the rest of the fish must be released. Special police departments regularly organize raids, check the availability of permits and compliance with the rules for fishing. Many poachers are detained, who try to catch in excess of the norm and do not comply with the established size. Penalties for such violations vary from state to state. In some cases, you can even "catch" correctional labor or imprisonment.

Don't clean up after your dog

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Yes, and this is a strict violation, for which you can get a rather large fine. Most owners are law-abiding and clean up after their pets. Walking along the green, trimmed grass near our townhouses, my children never encountered dog “surprises,” although there are animals in almost every 4th apartment. There are stands everywhere on the street where you can get special bags for cleaning, and there are all-seeing neighbors and passers-by who are ready to call the police, because everything encourages compliance with the rules.

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In large cities, there are times when you can find a “surprise” on the sidewalk, and it’s good if you notice it in time and don’t fall into it. I would like to clarify that American lawns cannot be compared with ours, especially after winter, and “mines” are more likely to be an exception.

Throw something in the mailboxes

I remember, checking the mailbox in my home country, I constantly found in it a sea of ​​all kinds of advertising. Free newspapers from some party that I did not order, leaflets for shops, booklets of firms offering their services, etc.

In America, putting something in a mailbox without permission is a strict violation. American law prohibits throwing anything other than marked mail at them, and fines for violating this law can reach $5000 per incident.

Shop leaflets, as well as advertising brochures and free newspapers exist in America, but they are stacked in stacks of mailboxes, and residents decide for themselves whether to take them or not. For example, before moving from place to place, I took almost all the advertising newspapers and leaflets without leaving anything to the neighbors: I needed them to pack the dishes.

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