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How much would US housewives earn if they were paid for their work?

Beike Biotechnology recently determined the monthly income that housewives around the world should receive for all their hard work, reports New York Post.

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As experts assure, these are huge amounts.

“We decided to quantify the time that housewives spend on their tasks each month,” write the study authors. They assessed the daily routines of housewives with four children in 80 major cities.

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“We analyzed the full range of household tasks, including cleaning, shopping, cooking and laundry,” the experts explained about their report. They also looked at "child care tasks such as transportation, emotional support, tutoring and planning."

Rating of cities where housewives would earn the most

Moms from New York took eighth place in the top ten cities where the work of housewives could be paid the most.

According to the report, New York City housewives should receive just over $4300 for housework and childcare every 30 days.

In the study, first place went to hearth keepers in Zurich, Switzerland, who performed the most work month after month, totaling more than $5700.

Housewives in Basel, Switzerland came in second place. They could earn a staggering $5200.

The third position in the ranking belongs to mothers from San Francisco, California, whose work is valued at $5196.

Housewives in Washington, D.C., could earn just over $4000, while those in Los Angeles could earn exactly $4000.

Experts have calculated what the total cost of delegating tasks that mothers perform seven days a week while raising a child will be.

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“We assumed that there are 20 years per child and that subsequent children are born at two-year intervals,” the researchers explained. “That’s why a housewife with four children works continuously for 26 years.”

They estimate that New York mothers with four children could save more than $1,45 million over the course of nearly 30 years raising them.

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