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One of the largest Costcos in the world will open in California

A huge new Costco, set to be the world's largest, will open in California, reports SFGate.

The exterior and store sign of a Costco warehouse wholesale outlet

Photo: Wager

Next year, the existing store in northwest Fresno (on West Shaw Avenue) will be replaced with a huge warehouse. The new store is planned to occupy an empty lot about 6 kilometers from North Riverside Drive and West Herndon Avenue. Plans for the upcoming facility include a 32-pump gas station, a new car wash and parking lot, and a dedicated food delivery service. Read about the new rules for entering a Costco store in our article.

Size Concerns

It was originally planned that the company's store would become the largest in the world. But Costco abandoned those plans due to community concerns. How to use your Costco membership to book travel at great discounts in our material.

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Last month, Fresno City Council Vice President Mike Karbassi said he would not support the project until Costco confirmed additional "traffic calming measures" on surrounding streets. He noted that these factors were not considered when the original store was built nearly 40 years ago.

“That's why there's so much emphasis on traffic during this hearing. We want to ensure that in 30 years, when this Costco is still here, taxpayers won't have to bail out this project with money that we may not have," he explained.

Other nuances

The meeting discussed, among other things, noise from construction and disruption to neighboring schools.

In response, Costco said it would not allow its trucks to drive on North Riverside Drive. Instead, the company plans to use Arthur Avenue, a road that has not yet been built. It should run along the east side of the warehouse. In addition, the company reported that gas station opening hours are planned to be longer than those of the store. The gas pumps at the old store on West Shaw Avenue will also be used.

The company said it will cover the portion of Riverside Drive adjacent to the west side of the warehouse with rubber asphalt. This will reduce the noise level.

Costco officials said they met with Central Unified School District officials to make sure they were comfortable with the proximity of the new store.

The company agreed to pay for repairs to the Herndon Avenue road, as well as several other projects.

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The new store is expected to generate about $13 million in tax revenue, $3 million of which will remain in Fresno County. In addition, the company will create 37 new full-time jobs.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall and be completed by the end of 2025.

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