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Four unforgivable mistakes immigrants make to the United States

Getting used to a new country is always difficult. The United States is not an exception, where, although representatives of different cultures live, a new language environment and other cultural characteristics are often difficult tasks for the adaptation of immigrants, the newspaper writes Uzbekimmigrant.

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And if everyone masters at his own pace, makes his own mistakes and takes for himself from American culture what he considers necessary, that is, unforgivable mistakes that can cause problems for immigrants to live in America, in particular a waste of time and considerable money. .

1. Inability to master the American business culture

The main reason for the uncompetitiveness of immigrants in the labor market is their unwillingness to learn the common business culture in the United States. Procedures for writing a resume and preparing for an interview before being hired have their own etiquette and order. For example, according to generally accepted standards in the States, a candidate’s photo is not attached to the resume and confidential information about his marital status, hobbies, etc. is not indicated. The likelihood that the summary of the person who made such errors will not be considered is very high. This means that you can be left without a livelihood because the job search is being delayed.

Or there are moments to which you should pay attention even after you are already employed. For example, it is important not to be late for work and to carry out the assigned tasks at a set time, to take initiative, to take an active part when the manager and the workers discuss a question, to boldly express their opinions. You must give up such a thing as “I cannot refuse the boss” or “I must agree with him in everything.”

So, what needs to be done to study business culture in the United States? Register in the library of the district where you live, or the resource center for immigrants. In these institutions, trainings and seminars are held to help immigrants find work. If the working calendar of these institutions does not plan to hold such events, then do not hesitate to ask for help and information from their employees. Or you can consult with a neighbor or immigrants who have long been living in the United States.

2. Work through acquaintances

Upon arrival in the United States, relatives, friends or acquaintances who live in this country are usually your closest people. Taking them to heart, you tell them about your problems and listen to their advice. In most cases, they advise you one or the other to help. But before making a final decision, always consult with others.

For example, friends may offer you to become a Uber or Lyft driver, because in your home country you worked as a driver for a car. In order to begin this work, you will need to buy a relatively new car. But if you are interested in IT and you have the ability in this area, then you better spend this money on learning how to create software (software), for which there is a huge demand. In such cases, patience and careful thought will save you money and time.

3. American education at any cost

It is wrong to think that graduating from an American university and getting a diploma will allow you to find a decent job. Newcomers immigrants at first should avoid high costs. Studying at a university requires a lot of money (studying at a prestigious university costs at least $ 30 000- $ 50 000 per year), but it does not guarantee you a good job afterwards.

What to do then? After moving to the US, you need a year to work somewhere and thoroughly study the labor market. Look at what your friends are doing. Read messages about which professions will be in high demand in the near future. After that, based on your abilities and dreams about what you want to achieve in the future, you can go to university and or take short-term training courses.

4. Inability to use a credit card

In the US, there is the concept of “credit history”. Banks determine and evaluate how you use a credit card or credit. For example, if you purchase goods with a credit card but do not return the money on time, this will negatively affect your credit information, and you will get a low rating. Or vice versa, if you paid credit card debts and bank debts as a whole on time, your credit rating will be high. This will make it easier for you in the future to receive loans in large amounts.

Errors related to the operation of a credit card are divided into two groups. The first group includes those who are afraid to open a credit card and use it. The second group includes those who have already opened a credit card and used it, but do not return the loan when it is time to do it.

Those in the first group should not be afraid of opening a credit card. Otherwise, there will never be information about their credit history (credit history), which can lead to serious problems in the future. Those who belong to the second group must repay loans on time. Otherwise, they will not only have to pay fines and additional interest, but also significantly reduce their assessment on the use of credit.

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