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ForumDaily.com - The main site of Russian-speaking America.
We write about the news of the United States and the homeland, tell success stories of Russian-speaking Americans, prepare calendars of events in big cities and help our readers with tips useful for life in the United States.

Our principles:
- Respect for readers
- Quality journalism
- Effective advertising among the target audience

Our team:
Editors with many years of digital journalism experience.
Journalists in New York, Miami, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Kiev, Moscow and Haifa.

Our story:
The site was created in 2000 year as a mirror of the oldest Russian-language weekly ForumWeekly.
In 2015, the site was designed as an independent project, and since then the number of interesting and important topics covered by the site has increased, and the audience has been growing steadily.

In 2016, ForumDaily opened a number of regional public places in major US cities.

In 2017, a separate women's project from ForumDaily opens - Woman ForumDaily.


In 2017, ForumDaily won two major prestigious journalism awards Ippies awards.

The jury noted the material of the author ForumDaily Denis CheredovaRussian-speaking gays and lesbians start life from scratch in New York"- for him we received the main award in the nomination" The best article about the community. "

Also premium Ippies awards A modern and user-friendly website design was noted. ForumDaily - we received the second award in the nomination for “The Best Design of an Online Edition”.

Ippies awards - Award, which is awarded to the best publications in the community and ethnic media. The award is organized by the Center for Community and Ethnic Media of the School of Journalism of the City University of New York (The City of New York's CUNY Graduate School of Journalism).

Our audience:
For March 20018 of the year

- more than 1.3 million visits
- 600 Thousands of readers
- more than 3.3 million pages viewed

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Founder: Forum Daily Inc.
Marina Baranchuk, ad@forumdaily.com, + 1 347 604 1261

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