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The US allocated $61 billion in aid to Ukraine

The Senate late on April 23 finally voted to provide aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in the amount of $95 billion, reports CNN.

Senate building with USA flag

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Of this total, aid to Ukraine amounts to $61 billion.

79 senators voted for the package of four bills, while 18 (15 Republicans and three Democrats) voted against it. These initiatives were supported by 48 Democrats and 31 Republicans. What kind of help can Ukrainians get in the USA, read our article.

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Now, for this decision to come into force, only the signature of US President Joe Biden is needed. He stated that he would sign the package on April 24. Before the start of the meeting, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called for foreign aid to be approved as quickly as possible.

"It's time to finish the job to help our friends overseas," he said. - Let's not delay or delay this. Let's not make our friends around the world wait another minute."

“Tonight, let Vladimir Putin rue the day he questioned America's resolve,” Chuck Schumer added.

What's in the bills

The package includes four bills: aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, and the fourth proposal contains a potential ban on TikTok. Chinese parent company ByteDance is given approximately nine months to sell TikTok or it will be banned from US app stores.

In addition, the fourth proposal includes a REPO law, which would give the go-ahead for the sale of Russian assets that have been seized. Almost $61 billion is allocated to help Ukraine, more than $26 billion to Israel and over $8 billion to Taiwan.

Biden welcomed the Senate's passage of the legislation.

“I will sign this bill as soon as it reaches my desk tomorrow and address the American people. This needs to be done so that we can begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week,” Biden assured. - This is an urgent need. For Ukraine, which faces unrelenting bombing from Russia, for Israel, which has just faced unprecedented attacks from Iran, for refugees and those affected by conflicts and natural disasters around the world, including in Gaza, Sudan and Haiti, and for our partners committed to security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region."

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“This critical legislation will make our country and world safer. We stand with our friends as they defend themselves against terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin,” Biden said.

Ukraine's reaction

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky praised the Senate's adoption of the foreign aid package. He immediately thanked the US senators for their decision.

“This vote strengthens America’s role as a beacon of democracy and leader of the free world,” Zelensky said in a statement.

“I appreciate President Biden's support and look forward to quickly signing the bill into law as well as delivering the next military aid package. Ukraine’s long-range weapons, artillery and air defense are extremely important tools for the speedy restoration of a just world,” the President of Ukraine said in a statement.

As Politico and the Washington Post wrote this week, the Pentagon has prepared a large batch of military aid to Ukraine in advance. After the final approval of the budget, the delivery of the first batch of ammunition to the Ukrainian army will take “less than a week,” reports with the BBC.

Many media outlets, citing sources, report that the first batch of aid to Kyiv from the new package is estimated at $1 billion.

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