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Ukrainian Embassy in the United States confirmed that Democrats were collecting dirt on Trump in 2016

The boomerang of the Democratic Party’s unsuccessful attempt to link Donald Trump with Russia's intervention in the 2016 election is gaining momentum, and its flight path passes through Moscow’s neighbor, Ukraine. It is here that there is increasing evidence that in some cases they tried to help Hillary Clinton, writes John Solomon in his publication. The Hill.

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In its most detailed report at the moment, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says that an insider from the National Democratic Committee during the 2016 elections of the year collected “dirt” on the head of the election campaign of Donald Trump and even tried to connect the country's president to this.

The written answers to the questions that were provided in the office of Ambassador Valery Chaly say that the contractor of the National Committee of the US Democratic Party, Alexander Chalup, asked the Ukrainian government for information about Paul Manafort’s actions in Ukraine in the hope that the matter would be submitted to Congress.

Chalupa later tried to negotiate that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko commented on Manafort’s Russian ties during his visit to the United States, which coincided with the 2016 election campaign of the year, the ambassador said.

Chaly says that during contacts in 2016, the embassy knew Chalup, above all, as a Ukrainian-American activist, and only later learned about her ties to the National Committee of the Democratic Party. He says that the embassy found her requests inappropriate as a request for interference in US elections.

Valery Chaly. Photo: Ukrainian Embassy in the USA

“The embassy knew Chalupa because of her involvement with the Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington DC, not because of her interactions with the National Committee of Democrats. We learned about her participation in the National Committee later, ”Chaly said in a statement issued by his embassy.

“We were surprised to see Alexandra's interest in the Paul Manafort case. She had her own motives. The embassy representatives unambiguously refused to interfere, as we were convinced that this was a purely internal US affair, ”Chaly said.

“All the ideas expressed by Alexandra were related to an appeal to a member of Congress to initiate a hearing in the Paul Manafort case or to allow an investigative journalist to question President Poroshenko about Manafort during his public appearance in Washington, DC,” the ambassador explained.

Last week, on the phone, Chalupa said she was too busy to talk. After that, she did not respond to e-mails and phone messages asking for comment.

Chaly's written answers testify to the recognition by the Ukrainian government that an American woman associated with the Democratic Party appealed for help to another country in the elections of the 2016 of the year. In addition, they confirm Politico highlights of Chalupa’s activitiespublished in January 2017.

In that material, the embassy denied interfering with the elections and suggested that the main reason for Chalupa’s appeal to them was the organization of an event dedicated to women leaders.

A new statement was made a few months after the Ukrainian court ruled that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of the country (NABU), which was closely associated with the US Embassy in Kiev, and parliamentarian Sergei Leschenko, intervened in the American elections 2016 of the year, releasing documents related to Manafort.

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The recognition of the Kiev embassy, ​​as well as the recently published testimony suggests that Ukraine’s efforts to influence the elections in the United States had some intersections in Washington.

Nellie Or, the wife of a senior official at the US Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr, in testimony in Congress acknowledged that working in Clinton hired by research firm Fusion GPS, she studied Trump and Manafort’s relations with Russia and learned that Leshchenko, a Ukrainian lawmaker, had compromised compromising information Fusion.

Sergey Leshchenko. Photo from Sergey Leshchenko's Facebook page

Fusion also paid British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, whose case against the FBI Trump was used as the main argument, arguing that it was necessary to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

In addition, I wrote last month that the Obama White House invited Ukrainian law enforcement officers to a meeting in January 2016, when Trump rose in the polls on his incredible path to the presidency. The meeting led to the fact that the United States appealed to the Ukrainians to help in the investigation of the actions of Manafort. This launched a chain of events that led Ukrainians to drain documents about Manafor in May 2016 of the year.

However, contacts of the National Committee of the Democratic Party with the embassy of Ukraine add a new dimension. Chalupa told in the Politico 2017 article of the year about her attempts to dig up dirt on Trump and Manafor, including through the Ukrainian embassy.

Reports from the Federal Election Commission show that the National Committee of the Democratic Party paid Chalupa's firm Chalupa & Associates $ 71 during the electoral cycle 2016 year.

The question of exactly how the Ukrainian embassy responded to the requests of Chalupa remains controversial.

Chaly’s statement says that the embassy rejected her requests for information: “No documents related to the Trump campaign or other individuals participating in the campaign were handed over to Mrs. Chalupe or the National Democratic Committee from the embassy or through the embassy. The exchange of documents was not even discussed. ”

But Andrei Telizhenko, a former politician who worked at Chalom from December 2015 to June 2016, told me that the ambassador and his first deputy instructed him to meet with Chalupa in March 2016 and collect all the dirt Ukraine had in its government documents about Trump and Manaforte.

Telizhenko said that when the embassy ordered him to arrange a meeting, Chaly and the first deputy ambassador described Chalupa "as a person who works for the National Democratic Committee and tries to help Clinton to get elected."

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At lunch in a Washington restaurant, Chalupa told Telizhenko directly that it is, as she hopes, the Ukrainians can provide the NDK and the Clinton campaigns.

“She said the National Democratic Committee wants to collect evidence that Trump, his organization and Manafort were Russian assets, worked to harm the US, and collaborated with Putin against US interests. She pointed out that if we can find evidence, they will present it in Congress in September, and they will try to build a case against Trump so that he was removed from the vote, from the election, ”he recalls.

After the meeting, as Telizhenko said, he was concerned about the legality of using his country's assets to help the American political party win the elections in the United States. But he set about his task.

Telizhenko said that when he started the research, he found that Fusion GPS revolves around Ukraine, looking for similar information, and thought that they also work for Democrats.

As a former assistant at the Prosecutor General's Office in Kiev, Telizhenko used contacts with intelligence, police and prosecutors across the country to obtain information that showed the contacts of Russian leaders who helped Trump's organization in carrying out certain real estate transactions abroad, including the Toronto tower.

Telizhenko said he did not want to provide the intelligence he had collected directly to Chalupe and instead handed the materials over to Chalom: "I told him that what we are doing is illegal, that it is unethical to do this as diplomats." According to him, the ambassador said that he would deal with this issue himself and he had already opened a second channel in Ukraine to continue looking for dirt on Trump.

Telizhenko said that his superiors also commissioned him to meet with an American journalist exploring Manafort’s ties with Ukraine.

After about a month, as he says, his relationship with the ambassador had deteriorated, and by June 2016, he was ordered to return to Ukraine. There, he reported his concern about the embassy’s contacts with the democrats to the former Prosecutor General and Poroshenko’s administration officials: “Everyone already knew what was happening and told me that this was approved at the highest level.”

Telizhenko said that he could not confirm whether the information he had collected for Chalupa was transferred to her, the National Democratic Committee or the Clinton campaign.

Meanwhile, Chalupa continued to build the case that Manafort and Trump were associated with Russia.

In April, 2016, she participated in an international symposium, at which she told the National Democratic Committee that she had met with 68 Ukrainian investigative journalists to talk about Manafort. She also wrote that she had invited American reporter Michael Isikoff to talk to her. Isikoff wrote several materials linking Manafort with Ukraine and Trump with Russia; he later wrote a book in which he justified Russian collusion.

“Much more is expected to come,” Chalupa wrote to a senior representative of the National Democratic Committee on May 3, 2016, describing his efforts to educate Ukrainian journalists and Isikoff about Manafort.

She then added: “I’ll talk more about tomorrow offline, because there’s an important detail about Trump that you and Lauren should know about — she’s thundering for the next few weeks, and something else I’m working on you should know.” .

Less than a month later, “black bookkeeping” was published in Ukraine, which indicated payments to Manafort. This forced him to resign from the post of head of the election campaign of trump and later he became the subject of a criminal investigation for improper foreign lobbying.

Representatives of the National Democratic Committee previously said that the actions of Chalupa were her personal and were not done officially on behalf of the National Committee. But Chalup’s e-mail in May 2016 clearly informed a senior NDK official that she was “digging under Manafort” and suspected that someone was trying to hack her email account.

For a long time, Chaly tried to show that he, as an ambassador, remained neutral during the 2016 elections. But in August 2016, he surprised diplomatic circles when he wrote a column for The Hill criticizing Trump for some of his comments on Russia. "Trump's comments send the wrong message to the world," Chaly's headline trumpeted.

In a statement, Chaly told me that he wrote the article because he was persuaded by the Hill team working on the columns.

Chaly's office also admitted that a month after the column was published, President Poroshenko met with then-candidate Clinton during a stop in New York. The office said the ambassador requested a similar meeting with Trump, but it was not organized.

Although Chaly and Telizhenko say opposite things about exactly how Ukraine responded to Chalupa's request, they confirm that the contractor who was paid by the National Committee of the Democratic Party turned to the Ukrainian government for help to collect compromising materials on Trump, which could affect the election of 2016 of the year.

For the Democratic Party, which has spent more than two years creating the now refuted theory that Trump has colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election of the year, the story of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington looks like an accelerating political boomerang.

The details of his investigation, John Solomon, also told on Fox News:

John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist whose footage over the years highlighted the flaws in U.S. and FBI intelligence work prior to the 11/XNUMX attacks, exposed federal academic abuse of adopted children and veterans in drug experimentation, and numerous political incidents. corruption. He works as an investigative columnist and executive vice president of video for The Hill. Follow him on Twitter @jsolomonReports.

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