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Ukrainians are American prosecutors: why don't you need our evidence against the Democrats?

Ukrainian law enforcement officers are confident that they have evidence of a number of offenses committed by American democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from interfering in the 2016 elections of the year to obstructing criminal investigations. But, as they say, all their attempts to get Trump's Department of Justice to act constantly fail.

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Konstantin Kulik, deputy head of the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the Prosecutor General’s Office, told me that he and other senior law enforcement officials since last year have been trying unsuccessfully to get visas at the US embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington his column for publication The Hill.

“We had to share this information during a working trip to the United States,” Kulik told me in a large interview. - However, the US Ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa. She did not openly deny us a visa, but she didn’t give it to us either. ”

According to Kulik, one of the foci of Ukrainian investigators was the illegal withdrawal of money from Ukraine and their transfer to the US by businessmen friendly to the previous pro-Russian regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

Ukrainian businessmen “have authorized payments for lobbying efforts against the US government,” he told me. “In addition, these payments were made from funds that were acquired in the course of the money laundering operation. We have information that an American company was involved in these payments. " The company is associated with one or more prominent Democrats, Ukrainian officials insist.

In another case, he said, the Ukrainian authorities collected evidence that the money paid to the American democrat was allegedly hidden by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) during the 2016 election year, under pressure from US officials.

“In the course of this investigation, we discovered that there was a situation in which the influence was exerted on NABU so that the name (of the American) was not mentioned,” he said.

Ukraine is notorious for corruption and disinformation operations, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are forced to fight for what is considered evidence of an offense. Kulik and his superiors even have political battles over who should and should not be prosecuted. Consequently, statements emanating from Kiev are usually perceived with suspicion.

But many of the allegations that more than half a dozen senior Ukrainian officials shared with me are supported by evidence from recent US lawsuits and intelligence reports. Ukrainians told me that their evidence includes:

  • the statements of two Ukrainian officials, made under oath, that their department was trying to influence the US presidential election of 2016 of the year in favor of Hillary Clinton. This was accomplished through a leak in the alleged “ledger” showing payments to the then-chairman of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort;
  • contacts between Democrats in Washington and Ukrainian officials whose goal was to find "dirty facts" related to Donald Trump;
  • financial reports that the Ukrainian gas company sent more than 3 million dollars to US bills related to Hunter Biden, the youngest son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who was in charge of US-Ukrainian relations in the Obama administration. Biden's son worked on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings;
  • records confirming that Vice President Biden forced Ukrainian officials in March 2016 to dismiss the prosecutor who led the investigation into Burisma Holdings and planned to interrogate Hunter Biden about financial transfers;
  • correspondence showing how State Department and US embassy staff in Kiev intervened or put pressure on criminal cases that were conducted in Ukraine;
  • payments in the amount of up to 7 billions of dollars in Ukrainian funds, which, according to prosecutors, could be illegally appropriated or exported from the country, including the United States.

Ukrainian officials say they do not want to pass on evidence to the FBI agencies operating in Ukraine, because they believe that the bureau has close relations with NABU and the US embassy.

“It is no secret in Ukrainian political circles that NABU was created with American help and tried to exert influence during the presidential elections in the United States,” Kulik told me.

Kulik's boss, Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko, told me that he had enough evidence - in particular regarding Biden, his family, and the money withdrawn from Ukraine - to warrant a meeting with US Attorney General William Barr.

“I look forward to meeting with the US Attorney General so that he can begin to facilitate our joint investigation into the embezzlement of another US $ 7 billion, which is of Ukrainian origin,” Lutsenko said.

I previously wrote that Biden in 2016 pressured President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenkoabout that he dismissed the chief prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the case of Burisma.

Kulik confirmed that Ukraine is investigating this alleged incident: “We have evidence and witnesses claiming that Joe Biden put pressure on Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to stop the investigation.”

In recent days, Ukrainian officials have voiced their disappointment after several months of trying to quietly transfer evidence to the Trump Justice Department (DOJ). Kulik said that without access to US visas, some Ukrainian law enforcement officers were looking for workarounds.

According to Kulik, one of these ways was to appeal to the former federal prosecutor since George W. Bush last fall. He delivered a written summary of some of the Ukrainian charges to the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, along with a proposal to link investigators in the US to people who have evidence. According to several people directly familiar with this fact, no response or action followed.

More recently, President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani - a former mayor and former prosecutor in New York - learned of some of the allegations while, on behalf of Trump's legal group, he investigated Ukraine's involvement in the 2016 elections.

Since then, Lutsenko and other officials have spoken to American lawyers about helping to file lawsuits in the United States for money, which, in their opinion, were taken from their country with the offenses.

“It's like no one in the Justice Department is listening to us. There is incontrovertible evidence that at least needs to be considered, evaluated, but it seems that the door of both state and justice is closed, ”said the American contacted for assistance and who was briefed on the evidence.

State Department officials refused to answer the question whether they refused or delayed the issuance of visas for Ukrainian officials.

"Visa documents are confidential under US law, so we cannot discuss the details of individual visa cases," said a department spokesman.

The testimonies of Ukraine, if they are true, will be the first documented assertion that Democrats received help from foreign authorities to help Clinton win the 2016 election of the year.

“There seems to be some evidence that there could be a proxy war between Russia and Ukraine to ensure that their preferred American president is elected during the 2016 race,” said a former senior intelligence official who now advises the Trump administration on intelligence policy.

In Ukraine and the United States there is information from open sources, which confirms the accuracy of some of the claims of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.

A court in Ukraine officially concluded that law enforcement officers illegally attempted to intervene in US elections in 2016 by leaking documents on Manafort’s business relations after he was appointed chairman of Trump’s election campaign. And the Ukrainian parliamentarian announced the alleged tape recording of a high-ranking Ukrainian law enforcement officer, bragging that he was responsible for the leak and trying to help Clinton to win.

Lutsenko Hill.TV said in an interviewthat opened a criminal case on these charges.

Nellie Or, the wife of a senior justice official and researcher at opposition research firm Fusion GPS, testified to Congress last year that some Fusion GPS research on Trump’s connections with Russia was received from a Ukrainian parliamentarian. The Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to unearth the dirt on Trump.

Although op admitted to the presence of a Ukrainian source, lawmakers did not force her to talk about it in more detail.

And in 2017, Politico reported that Ukrainian Embassy in the US Helps Clinton's Campaign Discredit Trump... "A Ukrainian-American operative who advised the National Democratic Committee met with senior officials at the Ukrainian embassy in Washington to identify links between Trump, chief campaign aide Paul Manafort, and Russia," the newspaper wrote.

Separately, a conservative nonprofit organization Citizens United filed a lawsuit last month to force the State Department to disclose all the information it has about Hunter Biden and his business partners associated with the Ukrainian Burisma Holdings.

If Ukrainian prosecutors are able to supplement their charges with real evidence, this could be a real example of a conspiracy worth investigating.

The only question is why the US government has so far not shown interest - and whether Attorney General Barr will change that.

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