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Strict regime and 158 dietary supplements per day: a 61-year-old man has hacked aging and is going to live to 110 years

61-year-old Dave Pascoe claims his biological age is 38 years old. He revealed DailyStar secrets of fighting the aging process and shared his exercises and diet with readers. It includes taking 158 dietary supplements and vitamins per day.

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A man claims he has “hacked” the aging process.

"Full Time Biohacker"

Retired network security engineer Dave Pascoe from Michigan shared his elaborate exercise and diet plan. He stated that he takes 158 dietary supplements and vitamins per day. Pascoe dedicated his life to turning back his genetic clock and became a “full-time biohacker.” The billionaire who wants to live forever shared the secret of rejuvenating food - read more in our material.

“I don’t want my health to end before my life,” he explained. “My goal is to live to at least 95 in amazing shape, or 110, God willing.”

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Pascoe is single. He no longer sets an alarm and sleeps until he wakes up naturally. This usually occurs at sunrise. Then Pascoe starts his morning exercise - 15 minutes of stretching on the floor and exercises on a mini-trampoline.

Afterwards, he brushes his teeth and waits an hour before taking 82 supplements and vitamins, including calcium D-glucarate and a vitamin D3 tablet.

Soon Pascoe goes outside to bask in the sun and go for a short run and do a set of exercises (strength training). He then relaxes in the sauna before 45 minutes of meditation. The pensioner does all this before breakfast, which usually consists of one green banana and a plate of berries with chia.

Pascoe, who competes in the quest for immortality with a famous biohacker Brian Johnson, is flexible in her daily routine.

“If something interferes with one or more of the planned activities, I won’t worry about it,” he said.

“Having good discipline is great, but the best things in our lives happen spontaneously! My “me time” is extremely important, so I schedule it carefully. Of course, I don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with others. As a single guy, I would trade a workout or a visit to the sauna for quality time,” he assured.

Healthy Habits Pasco

The "full-time biohacker" eats meat, often favoring organic grass-fed beef, free-range chicken or wild-caught fish. However, the man does not count calories.

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“By limiting my intake of simple carbohydrates most of the time, I eat as much as I want. I'm not gaining weight. This obviously does not increase the rate of aging,” he suggested.

Before bed, Pascoe takes dozens more supplements, applies skin serums and makes a “mental list of daily blessings.” More than 30 doctors help the man in his search for eternal youth.

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