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A drunk woman drove her car into a building: two children were killed, 15 people were injured

In Michigan on April 20, a 66-year-old drunk driver killed two small children and injured more than a dozen people. Her car drove into the building of the boat club, where the gathered guests were celebrating a child's birthday, reports USAToday.

Close up of seatbelt with damaged webbing in door frame of crashed car. Broken auto glass on rain soaked roadway and inside car.

Photo: iStock.com/SoCalShooter

A 5-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl were having fun at a birthday party at the Swan Boat Club in Monroe County. As a result of the incident, these brother and sister died. It’s unfortunate, but recently a Russian-speaking family with three children died in a terrible plane crash in Tennessee: details about that tragedy are in our article.

And in Saturday's precedent, fifteen people were injured. Of those, six adults and three children were taken to local hospitals by helicopter and ambulances with life-threatening injuries.

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The culprit of the tragedy

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated causing death. She is being held in the Monroe County Jail.

“The driver is expected to face additional criminal charges,” police said in a statement.

Diane Harrington, the aunt of the deceased children, created a page on GoFundMe and collects money for their funeral.

Today, the mother and older brother of the dead children are in critical condition in the hospital.

Accident at Universal Studios Hollywood

Another tragedy occurred at Universal Studios Hollywood, reports HollywoodReporter.

As a result of the incident with a recreational tram on April 20, 15 people were injured.

“There was a tram tour taking place at Universal Studios Hollywood,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. — The tram passed Jurassic Park and turned north along Avenue M. For unknown reasons, when turning, the last car of the tram collided with a metal fence on the right side of the roadway. This caused the whole lineup to tilt.”

“Fifteen passengers were taken to local hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. They are receiving medical assistance,” the statement said. “The causes of the disaster are still being clarified.”

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The Universal Studios tour is one of the most popular at the theme park. Visitors take a tram for an hour-long tour of the grounds. They can see in all their glory the locations where some of Hollywood's most memorable films and TV shows were filmed.

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