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Russian-speaking immigrant spoke about isolation regime due to COVID-19 in the USA

Author of the channel That American Life on Yandex Zen spoke about the isolation regime in the United States and how people live at that time. Next - from the first person.

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Yesterday, I wrote that the Shelter in Place order was introduced in many cities and districts of the United States, while in my area people had more freedom in movement and work. But today, everything has changed, because our local authorities issued such an order.

Let’s figure out what this order is and how those who fall under its action should behave.

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I want to note right away that the main points of order for Shelter in Place and Stay Home are pretty similar, but some restrictions may vary depending on the city or the county. Therefore, to keep abreast of events one hundred percent, study the local legislation and follow the news.

The Stay Home order is a list of restrictions for businesses and individuals that come into effect if the population is in danger (currently it’s a coronavirus). Such an order may be introduced either for a specified period or with an open end date. For example, in my district it is valid until April 21, but the local government can change this date at any time.

During the order, all people living in the area are required to stay at home and limit contact with others. The authorities do not recommend going to visit, gathering in company for barbecue or for a morning yoga session. But you can still go to the food store, take a walk to the park (preferably in splendid isolation), go to the pharmacy for medicines, or go to the elderly lonely grandmother to deliver groceries, since all these actions are considered necessary or even vital.

In addition, the order does not apply to companies that produce priority products or provide services of the same category. But cinemas, pools, gyms, clubs, amusement parks, etc. closed to the public. While banks, post offices, workshops, grocery stores, pharmacies and other priority places are open, because without them the population will not be able to hold out for long. The remaining companies, if possible, switch to remote work, and those who can’t do this were forced to simply send their staff on paid or unpaid leave for a while.

Can fines be issued for violation of this order? Of course, the police will not chase after every passerby or driver to check if he is really going to the pharmacy. But law enforcement agencies and authorities in many cities warn that they will closely monitor the implementation of the order and hope for the responsibility of citizens. Well, malicious violators (especially if this is the administration of enterprises) should be wary of fines and a prison term of up to 60 days.

In fairness, I note that the local community is serious about such orders, and in those places where they were enacted, in most cases people do not go outside without a good reason.

This is not to say that the supermarkets are empty - people continue to go shopping, but the assortment in some rows is still incomplete. For example, canned vegetables and pasta are still in short supply. As well as detergents. But the rows with paper towels and toilet paper look tolerable compared to what it was last week. Although buyers continue to stock up. In the medicine department, the choice is pretty good, although I thought it would be completely empty. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available, which is good. Freezing and semi-finished products are not dismantled. It turns out that these products are not so popular among buyers, at least in this supermarket. Destruction of myths in real time, what can you say.

Well, in the building materials store, where I also needed to drop in the other day, it was empty. Here I met more masked people, and many cashiers were also in them, although masks in our state are not yet mandatory for staff to use such stores, unlike gloves that cashiers must wear constantly and change regularly.

It is important to note that the situation in each state is different, as are the laws, as well as local government recommendations related to the pandemic. Therefore, being here, it is important to monitor not only national, but also regional news in order to keep abreast of events and emergency announcements.

As soon as it became known that residents of most states would have to go into compulsory quarantine, many utility companies sent out messages saying that even if users couldn’t pay their bills, they should not be afraid of blackouts, water, electricity or the Internet, because during the pandemic, suppliers decided to abandon this practice.

And one of the local Internet providers even announced that families who have school-age children or university students who do not have access to a stable service can apply for two months of free internet.

Also, many states currently have laws prohibiting the eviction of tenants due to non-payment of rents. That is, a person in a difficult situation may not at least for some time worry about this item of expenditure.

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Well, private individuals are not far behind large companies either. It is very nice to see offers in the neighboring communities to go shopping or mow the lawn. And for the smallest in our area they staged a “hunt” for cubs. All you need to do is to put a teddy bear or another stuffed animal on the windowsill, and the children who went for a walk with their parents participate in a kind of quest and look for toys in the windows.

Of course, the pandemic has changed a lot for the majority of US residents, but at the same time it’s nice to see that people are not discouraged and are ready to support each other in these difficult conditions.

Original blog post That American Life on Yandex Zen.

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