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6 things unusual for our immigrants that are in every American home

Channel authorTrips along the shelves" on Yandex.Zen She told what features of American homes may seem unusual to our immigrants. Next - from the first person.

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For this article, I specifically visited a couple of houses and apartments for sale. I went and looked and in between asked questions to a realtor.

  1. Painted walls without wallpaper

I haven’t seen wallpaper on the walls in any American house or in any American apartment - they are all covered with paint or primer. And frankly, it’s very convenient. Indeed, in this case, you can do anything - the scope for creativity is open. You can even glue the same wallpaper, although personally I do not like them. I remember these terrible bubbles, spots of dampness and peeling off pieces on these very wallpapers in childhood.

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  1. Soft carpets everywhere on the floor

Even on the stairs. Such thick and very soft carpets. When I look at these, for some reason I think about Persian. And these are solid carpets, nailed or glued to the floor. No gaps - everywhere carpet. As for me, this is very cool, because, firstly, it does not allow slipping on the floor in socks, and secondly, it muffles the sounds of steps great. And you don’t have to jump in the middle of the night every time from the clatter of neighbors from above or your own household behind the wall.

  1. Huge cellars

And these are not just cellars, but entire floors with windows. Of course, in Russia there are also spacious cellars. But these are cellars where tools, old things, Christmas toys and furniture are stored. In the United States, the very perception of the basement is completely different: recreation areas with billiards, a bar and a TV are made here, parties and even meetings of various clubs and societies are held. And the windows in the basements should be mandatory - fire safety requires.

  1. Ventilation / temperature control

I never paid attention to this, but in American homes and apartments there are no batteries (neither under the windows, as we have, nor on the walls). "How is the temperature regulated?" - you ask. But here's how: instead of batteries, thermostats directly connected to the ventilation system are installed in the US living quarters. Thus, at any time of the year, you can set a comfortable temperature for yourself in the house. This, of course, is convenient, but there is also a minus: such ventilation systems are very noisy. This is especially annoying at night.

  1. Window in the bathroom / toilet

Have you often seen windows in bathrooms and toilets? In Russian modern apartments, this is no longer the case. When my childhood was in our apartment there were windows in the toilet and in the bathroom. But the house where I lived was over 60 years old! And in America, even in ultramodern apartments there are always windows in the bathrooms. Not to mention their own homes. And personally, I like it much more, because the humidity level with an open window inevitably tends to zero. And the walls with the ceiling slowly dampen and deteriorate.

  1. Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Absolutely in all the houses and apartments where I lived in the USA, the bedrooms always had a built-in wardrobe on the entire wall. In especially large rooms (and, accordingly, cabinets), even light was held! Such large wardrobes are just a gift for a girl with a bunch of clothes and shoes. And it’s also very financially profitable, because you don’t have to buy wardrobes separately. Well, is it worth saying that in apartments where there is no basement or mezzanines, such cabinets are indispensable in terms of storing tools and other things that are not clothes.

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I must say that some of the things that I talked about can be easily redone (for example, tear off the carpet, paste wallpaper on the wall and close the window in the bathroom). But this is the default when selling houses or apartments - in the basic configuration, so to speak.

And who needs it when all these things are so convenient ?!

The original is published in the blog.Trips along the shelves" on Yandex.Zen.

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