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'We saw a flash and an explosion': Iranian air services immediately knew that a Ukrainian plane was shot down by a missile

Building TSN.Tizhden received from the special services a sensational proof - a record of the negotiations between the control room of Tehran airport and the co-pilot of the plane of the Iranian company Aseman Airlines. The pilot at the helm of the Iranian liner saw both the launch of the rocket and the explosion. This recording proves that the Iranians saw the missile from the moment it was launched and before it hit the Ukrainian plane. The publication of the recording caused a great resonance: Iran refused to provide Ukraine with further evidence for the investigation.

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A recording of the radio exchange between the dispatcher of Tehran International Airport and the co-pilot of the Iranian airline “Aseman Airlines” flight EP3768 Shiraz-Tehran on January 8, 2020, which was approaching Tehran airport at the time when the plane of the airline “Ukraine International Airlines” flight PS752 Tehran was shot down. Kiev.

According to the specialized resource “Flightradar”, the plane of “Aseman Airlines” (flight EP3768) Fokker 100 on January 8, 2020 made a flight on the route Shiraz (SYZ) - Tehran (THN). Scheduled arrival time in Tehran 6:25, actual 6:31.

The plane of the airline "Ukraine International Airlines" (flight PS752) Boeing 737 made a flight on the route Tehran (THN) - Kiev (KBP). Scheduled departure time 5:15, actual 6:12.

Dispatcher: “Good morning, Ukraine International Airlines 752, your departure altitude 260, move 6000 feet, turn right. After 6000 feet the direction to the Park. "

Pilot EP3768: “We are landing from the north. 3768 ".

Dispatcher: "Good morning, 3768. 'Aseman' 3768, define 3343 to the left, level 110."

Pilot EP3768: “Board 3768 is in touch. We are landing from the north, 3768. Is Zone 320 active for overflight? "

Dispatcher: (inaudible)

Pilot EP3768: “On the flare route, like a rocket. Should there be something like that? "

Dispatcher: “Site 320? How many miles? Where?"

Pilot EP3768: "I can not say exactly. But I think it's near (airport) Payam, (city) Karaj. "

Dispatcher: “How many miles? Where?"

Pilot EP3768: "I can see the light now as she flies from there."

Dispatcher: “We were not informed about this. What does it look like? What does this light look like? "

Pilot EP3768: "It's definitely the light from a rocket."

Dispatcher: "She is not flying towards the city (Tehran)?"

Pilot EP3768: "Perhaps ... Oh, no, no, it flew from the city side."

Dispatcher: "We weren't told anything, but keep watching."

Pilot EP3768: "Good. I'm getting on the landing course. ”

Dispatcher: “Ukrainian International Airlines” 752, reception.

"Ukrainian International Airlines" 752, welcome!

"Ukrainian International Airlines" 752, how can you hear ?! "

(the request is repeated for about two minutes, in response - silence)

Dispatcher: "Aseman" 3768, 9000 (inaudible), landing course. "Aseman" 3768, don't you see anything else above? "

Pilot EP3768: “We saw an explosion, a big flash from the explosion. We don't understand what it is. "

Dispatcher: "We don't know for sure ..."

Pilot EP3768: "Is everything okay on our course?"

Dispatcher: “Yes, I don’t think you will have any problems.”

Pilot EP3768: "God forbid!"

According to Obozrevatel, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the released recording of the talks between the Tehran airport dispatcher and the co-pilot of the Iranian company Aseman Airlines.

“Now we have another record. Why do I say "one more", because a video from unknown accounts appeared on the network, which shows something being knocked down. At first it was like this. And now our specialists have received a recording that we received without access to the control room and without black boxes, and which completely coincides with the video that was on the network, ”Zelensky explained.

He emphasized that the crew of the Iranian plane saw a missile fly into the UIA plane.

“You can hear everything there - he says that“ it seems to me that a rocket is flying, ”he says this in both Persian and English, everything is recorded there. Indeed, this proves that the Iranian side knew from the very beginning that our plane was shot down by a missile, they knew this already at the time of the shooting down. After this shot, the Iranian dispatcher gets in touch with our plane many times, but there is silence, ”Zelensky said.

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At the same time, the president added that there may be another version of what happened.

“There may be another version, as the dispatcher gets in touch with our plane many times. I think he understood that there was an explosion, but because of what, I think, at that time, he might not understand. Maybe he said - “We can sit down,” maybe it was said about that, ”Zelensky said.

According to him, experts will investigate this record step by step.

Iran will no longer share evidence with Ukraine on the investigation of the catastrophe of the Ukrainian liner shot down by Iranian air defense. This was stated by the Director of Accident Investigation of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization Hassan Rezaifar, writes

This decision was made after an audio recording transmitted to Ukrainian experts as part of the investigation was published in Ukrainian media.

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Rezaifar called the publication of the talks between the pilots of the aircraft, which was in the air simultaneously with the downed Ukrainian airliner, "a strange step."

“This action of the Ukrainians led us to a decision not to share any more evidence with them,” he said.

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