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Ukrainian passenger plane crashes in Iran: everyone is dead

On the morning of January 8, the Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport (Iran). All passengers and crew members were killed. Writes about it DW.

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The airliner was heading from the capital of Iran to Kiev. According to the Ukrainian airline, all 167 passengers and nine crew members were killed.

Iranian news agencies report that the tragedy was caused by "technical problems." Local TV channels reported that the plane was engulfed in fire. It is also noted that the plane managed to gain altitude of almost 2328 meters before leaving at a peak and crashing. DData from aircraft transponders was received only the first two minutes after take-off.

The NSDC secretary Alexei Danilov said at a briefing that 169 passengers were registered on the flight, but 167 passengers boarded the plane. They all died. According to the latest data, among the dead - 11 Ukrainians: nine crew members and 2 passengers. Also 82 are Iranian citizens; 63 - Canada, 10 - Sweden, 4 - Afghanistan, 3 - Germany, 3 - Great Britain. The final lists are still being finalized, writes "Present Tense".

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The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine published a list of dead crew members:


  • Naumkin Alexey Evgenievich
  • Gaponenko Vladimir Ivanovich
  • Khomenko Sergey Anatolyevich

Flight attendants:

  • Statnik Ekaterina Olegovna
  • Matkov Igor Valerevich
  • Mikityuk Maria Mikhailovna
  • Lichno Denis Mikhailovich
  • Ovcharuk Valeria Evgenievna
  • Sologub Julia Nikolaevna

In addition to the names of the crew members who were named by the Ministry of Infrastructure, this list includes Ukrainian citizens Elena Malakhova and Olga Kobyuk.

In connection with the disaster, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky interrupted his vacation in Oman and returned to Ukraine.

Ukraine has banned flights of Ukrainian airlines in Iranian airspace since January 9.

UIA President Evgeny Dykhne announced the serviceability of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

“We guarantee the serviceability of our aircraft and the high qualification of our crews,” he stressed.

According to him, it was "one of the best UIA aircraft with an excellent, reliable crew."

UIA has decided to suspend its own flights to Tehran for an indefinite period.

The flight was carried out on a Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft, registration number UR-PSR; a 2016 production aircraft was received by the airline directly from the concern’s plant; The last scheduled maintenance of the aircraft took place on January 6, 2020.

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Two Ukrainian aircraft are ready to fly to Iran to transport the bodies of the dead. They are coordinating their arrival with the Iranian side, according to the National Security and Defense Council.

The planes are provided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service, and they are ready for departure immediately after Iran resolves security issues.

A group of Ukrainian experts may also be sent to Iran to help search for and investigate the causes of the UIA crash, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reports.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Iran said that the crash occurred due to engine failure, writes New York Post.

“Information about the causes of the plane crash is being investigated by the commission. Any statements about the causes of the accident are not official, " website of the Ukrainian Embassy in Iran.

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