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American earns thousands of dollars selling free cacti

American Deanna Dunn managed to sell a couple of cacti and buy her first camping van. She improved it and sold it for much more. Thus began her business, which brought her $ 61 in a year, according to TheSun.

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Dinah told how she managed to turn some free cacti into seed money to buy a van, which she rents out to others. This brings her about $5 a month.

Dina found an ad where people gave away a huge cactus for free. She took the plant and transplanted the cuttings into separate pots to put them up for sale. They bought everything from the girl. Dina repeated these manipulations several times, and she managed to raise a small amount for a small business. But she did not even expect that this would turn out to be a real job with a good income.

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“We made about $3000 from the cacti and bought a vintage van,” she said.

Dina and her partner set about converting an old camping van into a livable tiny home and spent another $1000 on it.

@deannatdunn You can grab a free copy of our “Rental Roadmap” on my page that shows you how we started and passively run our van rentals by only working a few MINUTES a week! ? . We could have never imagined back in 2019, that we would have a fully paid-off van that we turned into a passive business! ? . Taking a few small steps today can change I everything ❤️ . #vanlifers #rvrental #rvtravel #passiveincometips #shorttermrentals #airbnbtips ♬ original sound — Deanna Dunn | Van Life | DIY

After they made several trips with it, they sold the van for a whopping $12.

After that, according to Dina, there was this: “We took half of this amount and bought an old Sprinter van. Then they spent the remaining $6000 to fix it up and traveled around the country and sold it for $37.”

The couple were then able to buy their third van in March 2020 for $20.

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“This is the first van that we started renting out as an experiment. We made about $385 a day and sold it for $85 - about $000 of which we spent on fixing up my partner James' van. When we don’t use it, we rent it out for $48-$000 a month,” Dina explained.

Her TikTok video got over 173 likes and people were blown away.

One user wrote: “This is success!”

Another added: “Wow! You guys won."

Useful life hacks

Dina has been showered with accolades after she shared some cool space-saving ideas in her vans. She told how she made them more functional.

She spoke of "small changes" to her van's design that "just make a lot of sense" for functionality.

First, she told how she installed a sliding door in the shower room.

“It saves so much space! The door dries quickly when it closes again,” she noted.

The DIY guru then explained, “Our shower head is connected to a long hose that comes out so we can flush the water.”

She also talked about the advantages of a compact retractable clothesline.

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“Our clothes dry quickly if we wash them by hand, as do our towels after a shower,” Dina said.

“You need to be creative in a small space,” she repeated the words she captioned the post.

The video has since gone viral, with over 1,6 million likes and many comments. Users praised Dina for a very impressive work.

“This van is more beautiful than my entire house,” one of them enthused.

The second wrote: “I love it, I will do the same when I get older!”

“Your design is so cute!” - noted the third.

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