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The 9 most annoying acts of passengers according to American stewardesses

Cabin crew have many responsibilities in the air, but some passengers do not seem to be aware of this. Even worse, when they behave as if their preferences are more important than everyone else. Business Insider listed the nine most annoying actions of air passengers.

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Do not remove the headphones during maintenance

“One of the most annoying things, of course, is when you come to offer them snacks and drinks, and they put on headphones. You repeat the sentence or say something in a row over and over again ”, said the flight attendant Delta Air Lines.

Rushing a flight attendant collecting garbage

“I have never seen people so adamant as if they need to throw out the trash so quickly that they almost throw it to you. Or they’ll even go to the very end of the plane to give you their garbage, ” noticed the flight attendant Delta.

Do not pay attention to the “fasten seat belt” signal

"In my opinion, the most serious for me it’s when people don’t take seriously the “fasten seat belt” signal, complained to the United Airlines stewardess.

Play a choice of places

“In my opinion, the most unpleasant thing is when passengers decide where they will be sitting, instead of monitoring the seat number on the boarding pass. Sometimes they think that this is a free place for everyone ”, PSA flight attendant admitted.

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Leaving a big mess after themselves

The stewardess of the Worldwide Jet, a charter airline, says she's most annoyed when passengers leave a big mess behind them. And this happens on slightly less than half of the flights on which it operates.

“They seem to live here, and then just leave. And I have to clean it, " - regretfully withshe said.

Ignore stewardesses during a conversation

“I think the most disrespectful Do not respond when you are talking to a person. Even if you have flown at least a little, you know that at some moment they can offer you something, ” stressed the stewardess of United Airlines.

“People put on noise-canceling headphones and they’re already in a different world,” she summed up.

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Click on the call button for no reason.

The Piedmont Airlines stewardess said she was annoyed when passengers click on the stewardess call button for no good reason.

"You are busy with something, and you have already told them about it six times," she said.

Underestimate the importance of flight attendant work

“We are mainly trained in safety measures, and only after that service ” stated the flight attendant of Alaska Airlines.

“As for me, it’s most annoying when passengers think that we are just waitresses,” she argued.

According to her, flight attendants are trained to deal with situations such as fires, drunken passengers, bomb threats, and emergency situations.

Touch stewardesses to get their attention

“The most annoying thing is when passengers pull me from all sides, and do not use the call indicator light,” - stated American Airlines flight attendant.

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