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How to place hand luggage on the plane so that it is convenient for everyone

There are many factors that cause inconvenience in an airplane. And the lack of free space on the plane is one of them. If you come to your place, and the compartments for hand luggage are already full, you can put your hand luggage several rows back. At first, this may not seem like such a big deal, but if you do this, you will either have to wait until everyone behind you gets off the plane, or go against the movement to pick up your bag. Writes about it Travel and Leisure.

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The root of the problem is the lack of space in the compartments for hand luggage. When airlines added more seats and began to charge passengers for baggage, the number of passengers with cabin baggage increased. The result was a greater demand for limited design space.

You may not be able to control the space in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, but there are some things you can do so you never have to keep your hand luggage far from you.

Pay Priority Boarding

If you fly often, buying a priority landing may be worth it. A United Airlines spokesperson said that “when flights are full, customers who board the group are more likely to find a place for their bags.” In addition, “customers can purchase priority boarding and boarding in a group” to board the plane early and put their bags closer to themselves.

Keep in mind that if you participate in an airline promotion program, you may already have a priority landing.

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Buy a suitcase that fits under the seat

Traveling with the luggage that is placed under the seat in front of you ensures that you do not have to think about a place in the luggage compartment. Some of these suitcases are surprisingly roomy.

Hand over your bag voluntarily

Airport staff will look for volunteers to check their baggage. The staff will mark your bag and put it in the luggage compartment of the aircraft along with other registered bags for free. You will receive it upon receipt of baggage upon arrival.

Put your bag on the way to its place

Watch for free space in the hand luggage compartment, when you go to your place, put your bag in the first open slot. When you get off the plane, grabbing the bag several rows ahead is much easier than waiting for all passengers to get off so you can get to the bag.

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Get help from flight attendants

When it comes to space in hand luggage compartments, cabin crew know all the details and are professionals in making sure that all bags have space. Tell the flight attendant where you are sitting and ask if he has any suggestions on where to put your bag. They can tell you if there is luggage space next to your chair and tell you where to put the bag if the neighboring compartments are already full.

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