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12 things you need to know before you go on your first cruise

12 things you need to know before the first cruise, will help prepare for your first sea voyage.

1. What to wear?

This question is asked most often. First, look at the travel schedule to see how many nights you will have official. Men can wear a suit or a tuxedo, or you can get along with trousers and a shirt and tie. Women can choose either just a beautiful dress (which one you usually wear on Sunday), or you can fully dress up like a prom, for example, the choice is yours. Dinner in the official hall is usually held in the business-style style, with the exception of the official evening. You can go there in almost any clothing, except shorts, sandals and T-shirts.

2. How to get the best price on a cruise?

Subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite cruise company! Most cruise companies have special promotions, as well as discounts for existing customers, state residents, and military. By subscribing, you will receive notifications of special promotions, so do not miss the opportunity to save money on a cruise that you have long dreamed of!

3. What to do in emergency cases (medical, with relatives)? What steps to take to quickly get home?

Most cruise companies are allowed in case of emergency to leave the ship at the port to board the plane and return home, but you should have your passport and ID with a photo - one birth certificate will not be enough. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines offer a warranty "Great holiday”, With which you can get a full refund (plus 10% and all costs of moving) if you decide to leave the cruise. Just remember that you need to warn the guest services in the first 24 hours, and you can only go ashore in the port, at sea - not.

4. Which cruise is better to go with children?

When you are going on a cruise with children, check the availability of children's programs on cruises that you are viewing.

5. How to avoid seasickness?

Sea Bands - small elastic bracelets for wearing on the wrists. They pinch pressure points and keep seasick within limits. You can also take Bonine or Dramamine - when taken before boarding the ship, they help prevent motion sickness. They can also be taken in cases of seasickness. Make sure you take the drug without the sleeping pill component, so as not to oversleep the entire vacation!

6. How to choose a cabin for a person prone to seasickness?

If you are prone to seasickness, choose a cabin on the upper deck of the middle of the ship. These cabins also offer the best views - in addition to the gentle sailing experience.

7. Can I go on a cruise with a small child and how best to do it?

Many companies provide free services for nannies and camps for children from the age of two, including those who are not yet accustomed to the pot (employees change the diapers provided by their parents).

8. Can I participate in programs for my child?

If the kid spends time in the camp during the cruise, from time to time parents can join him. This is usually called “Family Leisure.”

9. When is it better to sign up for an excursion on the coast - before the start of the cruise or already on the ship?

We recommend booking a coastal excursion before you go. Popular tours quickly dismantled!

10. What is included in the price, but for what will you need to pay extra?

It depends on the cruise company. Most of them include in the price of the cruise a separate cabin, meals in the dining room, music shows, club entrance, karaoke and a pool. Many cruise companies offer improved dining options, spa services and additional entertainment such as martini or dance lessons. Boarding at the port is, of course, free of charge, but if you want an organized excursion overland, you will have to pay for it.

11. How are food allergies on a cruise?

Most cruise companies work with a number of food allergies, but only in official canteens. It is recommended to talk with the manager in your chosen company on this topic, because all cruise companies have different policies regarding food allergies.

12. Can I bring food or drinks on board?

Each cruise ship has its own policy regarding what can and cannot be carried on board. Some companies will allow you to take with you a block of water, six cans of soda, two bottles of wine - and some will not allow soda at all. Check with your cruise company before collecting things!

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