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15 amazing professions you didn't know about

If you want to change your profession or just starting to work, you can consider traditional working professions. For example, a teacher, policeman or lawyer. However, there are many professions that you did not know about, but could qualify for, depending on skills or areas of interest, writes Go Banking Rates.

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Main listener

  • Average annual salary: $ 55 390

Being a good listener is now a desirable skill to work with. As a leading listening specialist, you scan social networking sites for feedback, tips, complaints and ideas about your company and send your findings to the appropriate groups.


  • Average annual salary: $ 30 339

Each piece of craft chocolate has a specialized chef. Chocolatiers are hired by companies such as Ghirardelli and other pastry shops to create chocolates and fulfill orders for available chocolates. They can also work in hotels, restaurants and grocery stores. According to Payscale, a job at a cooking school is usually required to get this job.


  • Average annual salary: $ 57 000

This person is responsible for making the taste and aroma of the cherry drink look like cherry, and coffee ice cream tastes like coffee. Such a specialist helps to develop and produce flavors that are used in food and drinks. He conducts experiments, produces product samples, develops processes to preserve the taste of the products. According to AG Explorer, to get this position, you will need a bachelor's degree in food science, nutrition, chemistry or related fields.

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Food stylist

  • Average annual salary: $ 45 950

Have you ever wondered why food in advertising always looks better than in real life? Probably because the food stylist worked on this delicious shot. These artists use color, shape and texture to make the food look as delicious as possible on advertisements for restaurants, magazines, photographers, providers and other companies. According to The Art Career Project, most professionals have a degree in culinary art.


  • Average annual salary: $ 58 000

Judging by the name, humologists chew gum. According to Digital Journal, they are hired by candy makers such as Cadbury to test flavors and chewing gum textures developed by technicians.

Heritage Officer

  • Average annual salary: $ 53 888

This work is perfect for the history buff. The Heritage Officer tells the public about the importance of a historic place or landscape. Responsibilities may include conducting conversations, excursions and various activities. He also seeks answers to questions, organizes archives and develops conservation policies.


  • Average annual salary: $ 150 000

True, many high-end restaurants have their own sommelier or wine expert. But if you want to earn big money, then you can try to get the title of "master". To do this, you need to pass a three-part test: a theoretical exam, a deductive tasting of six wines and a practical exam on a wine service. Passing the test is harder than it sounds. According to Business Insider, as of 2015, only 229 people in the world had the title of Master Sommelier.

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Caretaker pilot

  • Average annual salary: $ 73 278

People in this profession fly, find and protect the herds of cattle in a helicopter. They lower it low to the ground in order to drive away animals that may pose a threat to the herd and keep livestock in safe places. This work is most common in the Australian outback, so you will likely have to move for an adventurous career.

Professional dormouse

  • Average annual salary: varies

You can make a career even lying in bed all day. Such people check mattresses and pillows, and also participate in medical trials of sleep or sleep aids. This work is usually freelance. Once, NASA paid 18 000 volunteers dollars to lie in bed for 70 days, and one of the museums offered 10 dollars per hour to a sleeping person who wanted to take part in an art installation.

Roller Coaster Engineer

  • Average annual salary: $ 74 920

Creating a safe and fun roller coaster requires careful planning, and roller coaster engineers are responsible for this. These mechanical engineers design the coating device, analyze its safety, determine the energy and costs of its operation, and also perform any necessary troubleshooting operations. Work usually requires a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Sound producer

  • Average annual salary: $ 50 902

Sound engineers compose, record, mix, and implement musical and sound effects for use in films, television shows, video games, and more. To get this working, you must have experience using professional audio editing tools to record, edit, sync and process audio, according to Payscale.

Tea Taster

  • Average annual salary: $ 53 194

Tea tasting is more difficult than it seems at first glance. Tea tasters are hired by tea companies to get tea from farms around the world and mix it in such a way that the tastes are permanent. Tasters can be responsible for tasting hundreds of teas every day; they must have a sensitive enough sky to detect thousands of different flavors. According to Business News Daily, higher education may be required for tea tasting.

Underwater archaeologist

  • Average annual salary: $ 60 000

This specialized unit of archeology focuses on underwater objects, which may include sunken ships, harbors and docks or coastal cities, residential buildings now under water.

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Video gamer

  • Average annual salary: varies

Yes, you can play video games and make a living. But you have to be a really good player. Therefore, you have to spend many hours every day training to improve your skills. Professional gamers can play in front of a live audience or on the Twitch live streaming service. Salaries vary greatly depending on skill level and sponsorship - some professional gamers earn only 12 000 dollars, while leading players earn 3,7 million dollars.

Visual merchandiser

  • Average annual salary: $ 45 103

When you walk past a shop window in a retail store, you see the work of the visual merchandiser. These professionals are hired by retail chains and department stores to create storefronts, as well as the displays that you see on the shelves and in other storerooms. To become a visual merchandiser, education in graphic design, visual arts, spatial design, interior design, business study, and retail management is usually required.

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