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Tomorrow (September 29), cafes in the United States will serve free coffee

We'll never say no to free coffee, and there's plenty of it this week. National Coffee Day is Friday, September 29th, with International Coffee Day just two days later on October 1st. Edition Lifehacker I've put together a few suggestions that you can use.

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Aroma Joe's

Aroma Joe's is giving all customers a free 29 oz/16 ml drink on September 470th, and AJ's Rewards members can get one free 24 oz (710 ml) coffee through the app through October 6th.

Biggby Coffee

On National Coffee Day, Biggby is offering a free 20-ounce coffee to all customers.

Coffee Caribou

If you're a Caribou Perks member, you can get in-app deals all week long, including $3 off a medium espresso on September 29th, and $1 off any drip coffee on October 1st. All customers will receive a 20% discount on online orders of bean coffee from Costa Rica and Guatemala using promo code COFFEEDAY.

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Circle K

Download the Circle K app to take advantage of the free cup of coffee offer between September 25th and October 2nd.


Dunkin' Rewards members can receive a free medium strength coffee (hot or iced) with any purchase on September 29th. In addition, Dunkin' will reintroduce its Free Coffee Monday promotion in October.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is giving away one medium coffee (hot or iced) to everyone who comes into the store on September 29—even if you don't buy anything else.


On September 29, Maverik Adventure Club members will receive 50% off hot or iced coffee, and Nitro Card holders will receive free drinks.

Peet's coffee

Peet's Coffee's National Coffee Day promotion is a little different: You can redeem your points from other coffee chains (like Dutch Bros or Tim Hortons) for a free Peet's drink. Register on the site

Philz Coffee

This National Coffee Day, get $1 off any size mocha at Philz.


Scooters has declared September National Coffee Month, with all customers eligible to receive one free coffee per visit for the entire month.


From September 29 to October 1, Sheetz is offering free coffee with any in-app purchase. Use code BREW4U on the Offerz tab (valid once per loyalty program member).


Starbucks isn't offering a special promotion for National Coffee Day, although some stores are offering free coffee tastings. In addition, the latest ThursYays promotion is running from noon until late on September 28, where you can buy two fall drinks for the price of one.

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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is offering one free medium iced coffee per customer with any in-app purchase of $8 or more through October 2th.

Online promotions

In addition to a free drink at your local coffee shop, you can take advantage of discounts on bean coffee and other coffee products offered online:

  • Atlas Coffee Club: get a free bag of coffee with code ATLASCOFFEEDAY23 at checkout.
  • Blue bottle: receive 15% discount on all online orders (valid from September 26 to October 2).
  • Keurig: use code COFFEEDAY23 to get 15% off all K-Cup boxes and 20% off coffee machines. The discount increases to 30% on the entire order if the set includes a coffee machine and four boxes (valid until October 2).
  • Yellowstone Coffee: On September 29th, get 15% off Yellowstone products on Amazon.

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