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Batteries, paint, phones: how to get rid of 'hazardous' waste in the USA

There are some things that are harder to get rid of than others. Batteries, electronics, and paint should not be thrown away with regular trash. You could be in big trouble if you throw them away, reports FoxNews.

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Items such as batteries and electronics should not be thrown into regular trash as they can be extremely harmful to the environment. If you have an old item that still works, like a TV or cell phone, donating it is a great way to get rid of it.

For things like old motor oil or unused paint, you'll have to take a few extra steps and go to a recycling center to properly dispose of them.

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Below are a few common items that should not be thrown in the trash, and where to throw them:

  • household batteries;
  • smartphones and tablets;
  • TVs;
  • car batteries;
  • engine oil;
  • thermometers;
  • paint;
  • household batteries.

Some batteries can be thrown in the trash, but there are some that should not be thrown away.

For example, alkaline batteries, including standard AA, AAA and 9-volt batteries, can be thrown in the trash.

However, coin cell batteries, like those used in calculators and watches, contain silver and mercury and should not be thrown in the trash. Instead, take them to a battery recycling facility or see if any retailers will take them from you.

Smartphones and tablets

The easiest way to get rid of your old mobile phone is to exchange it for a new one. Some carriers will take care of your old device for you.

Electronics stores often have their own recycling programs, so you may want to check those out as well. Just keep in mind that whenever you get rid of an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet, be sure to perform a factory reset to erase your personal information.


Televisions contain glass, lead and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Similar to the recycling process for a cell phone or tablet, contact an electronics store and see if they will take care of recycling your device. You can also contact your local recycling center for more information on how to recycle your TV.

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Also, consider giving your device to a friend or donating it to a thrift store.

Car Batteries

Lead and acid are found in car batteries, so they should not be thrown in the trash with other household waste.

If you take it to a store, they will dispose of the battery for you. If you are replacing the battery yourself, contact your local auto parts dealer to see if they can take the old battery.

The same thing happens with car tires. If you change your tires at a tire shop, they will take care of the old ones for you. If you change them yourself, you can bring your old tires to the dealership and most of them will be recycled.

Engine oil

If you are changing the oil in your car, set aside the container that contained the new oil.

This ensures that when it's time to change your oil again, you can reuse the same container to safely transport your used oil. Used oil can be taken for recycling or to an auto center.


If you have a thermometer that contains mercury, it should not be thrown away with your regular trash. Many thermometers simulate mercury but are labeled “mercury-free.” These thermometers can be disposed of as usual.

If you have a thermometer that contains mercury that you want to get rid of, you can look for small businesses or universities to donate it to.

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Another option is to find a hazardous waste collection center in your area.


Paint can be toxic and dangerous. If you need to get rid of latex paint, remove the top and let it dry before throwing it in the trash. To speed up the drying process, mix the mixture with cat litter and allow the mixture to set.

If you have oil paint that needs to be thrown away, it must be taken to a collection point so that it can be safely disposed of.

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