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Deceive scammers: a man earned $1782 by defrauding scammers

Who doesn't want to make a million? A user under the nickname TheAlex is pursuing his dream in an interesting way. In the column for Medium he told how he deceived scammers and earned $1782.

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Here is a translation of his column in the first person.

After many days of dreaming, I stumbled upon the easiest way to get rich... Get ready for the drum roll: I'm going to scam innocent people on the Internet out of money...Okay, just kidding!

But honestly, after witnessing these scams amounting to millions and millions of dollars, there is one undeniable truth - the scammers are rolling in the riches.

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I'm going to outsmart these scammers and make money from them. Sounds easy, doesn't it? So, spoiler alert: it's not.

Scammers are popping up everywhere these days. But the main question is: where did I find my scammers? The answer is simple: YouTube, TikTok, Reels.

Yes, just watch any video about finance, like day trading, and look in the comments section. There you, like a cunning hunter, will notice these comments. Here, this is my unsuspecting prey.

They will simply share their WhatsApp number with you and tell you that you can easily get 1000x return on your investment in a matter of days.

Me: I have $1000.

Scammer: You will make 1000x profit in a few days.

Me: Wow! I'm going to become a millionaire.

My game plan is as simple as a cheese sandwich.

How the scheme works

All I do is send as many WhatsApp messages as possible to the scammers and tell them that I have $1 or $10 thousand to invest and I am ready to fork over it. Once they agree (and trust me, they usually do), I will ask them for PayPal or Cash App information.

Once they send me their PayPal or Cash App tag email address. Then I will launch my plan. I'll send them a bait - a fake image!

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I'll show them that I'm trying to send them $10k, but there's a little problem.

To get that big sum of $10k, they need to send $50 to “confirm”, then PayPal allows me to send them $10k. My goal is that sweet thousand dollars, which means all I need is 20 scammers to pay me $50.

See, I'm great at money math, right?

The hunt has begun!

I sent messages to over 125 WhatsApp numbers that I found in the comments section of investment videos on YouTube.
So my first message goes something like this: “Hello! I commented on the video. How can you help me earn money?

Now it's time to relax and wait for answers.

It's complicated…

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So far I have spoken to over 20 scammers. And the moment I throw out the hook that they need to pay $50 so that I can send them $10 thousand, they disappear into thin air.

But you know what? I'm on a mission and I won't rest until I earn that sweet thousand dollars.

Big drum roll please, because...In just 5 days, I made a whopping $1782 by outsmarting these scammers.

So, on the second day I felt pretty exhausted and ready to give up. But something inside me said: “Give me one more chance.” And when I opened WhatsApp, I was surprised - more than 50 scammers responded to my message. I decided to stick to the plan, and after a two-hour conversation, magic happened. Seven of them took the bait and sent me over $50.

Now, after I pocketed that sweet money, this is how I responded to them: “Congratulations! For this $50 you became a student in my course “University of Fraud”. And the first lesson is “Don’t be deceived by deceiving others.” By following this advice you will earn from $250 to $000 in a couple of days.”

I've been through quite a rollercoaster in my journey against scammers. After facing rejection and a few hiccups along the way, I managed to fend off over 100 scammers and get a massive $1782 in just 5 days.

This is a real adventure!

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