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Protests in Belarus: police opened fire on people to kill

In Brest, Belarus, police officers shot to kill the protesters, according to the telegram channel of the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova, writes "Present Tense".

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“A group of aggressive citizens with fittings in their hands attacked the police officers. Upward warning shots did not stop them. To protect the life and health of employees, weapons were used to kill. One of the attackers was wounded, ”the message says.

What kind of weapon was used - the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not specify. Initially, as the newspaper notes, Chemodanova said that it was a firearm, but later the post was edited, and the word “firearm” disappeared from it.

"Voice of America" reports, citing the Interior Ministry, that police fired live ammunition five times after protesters armed with metal bars ignored warning shots into the air. One person was injured.

For the third day in a row, the country has seen clashes between security forces and protesters that began after the presidential elections. According to the official results, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won a decisive victory. The opposition considers these results to be falsified. The authorities violently disperse the demonstrators using water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas.

According to the Belarusian Interior Ministry, on Tuesday, August 11, 51 demonstrators and 14 policemen were injured in the clashes.

On Wednesday, August 12, hundreds of protesters took to the streets again. Women dressed in white line up outside a covered food market in Minsk. A large crowd also gathered outside the prison where the arrested demonstrators are being held.

On the subject: 'We understand that you are scared': rallies in support of detainees in Belarus were held around the world

According to the latest data, more than 6 thousand people were detained, many of them were severely beaten during the arrest, including minors. According to official data, more than 250 people with various injuries have come to hospitals. The day before, the Ministry of Health indicated that these were mainly injuries of mild severity. There is no such information in today's message of the department.

One person died during the protests; the authorities did not name his name. The pro-government media called him "a criminal convicted of murder." Residents of Minsk took flowers to the place of death of the protester near the Pushkinskaya metro station at the exit to the Aurora cinema.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • In Belarus, on Sunday, August 9, the presidential elections were held, which were initially accompanied by mass protests of people who disagreed with the policies of the current president, Alexander Lukashenko, who has been ruling the country for 26 years. After the announcement of the results protests erupted with renewed vigor, many disagree and doubt their veracity.
  • 11 August thousands of people gathered in the center of Minsk to a protest action against electoral fraud in Belarus. They are beaten and dispersed by the security forces. One person was killed. Lukashenka's opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya left the country.
  • On August 12, the European Union and the United States announced that the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9, in which the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko was declared the winner, were neither free nor fair... The EU and the US plan to impose new sanctions against Minsk.

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