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Lukashenko announces detention of 'people with American passports' in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that among all those detained during the elections in the country there are people "with American passports, married to American women who work in the State Department." This was reported by press service of the president.

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The corresponding statement was made during a meeting on ensuring the security of the election campaign.

According to Lukashenka, “many people have already been detained in Belarus, who - and this has already been proven - set themselves the goal of destabilizing the situation in the country. And it's not just about the detention of PMC members. ”

“Names, surnames, addresses, passwords, attendance are known. Sometimes it comes to miracles. The media are alarming us that the Americans and NATO are trying to capture us here. Some people were detained with American passports, married to American women working in the State Department. But with bayonets at the ready they are protected by the Russian leaders, ”the President of Belarus said.

He noted that “in these intricacies everything is decided by money and belonging to a particular country or party - it does not matter”.

“It doesn't matter, American, State Department official, whether you belong to the Democratic Party ... We took part in the election campaign in Russia, got good money for it. Today they are hyped (hyped) on the territory of Belarus. I think the Americans will start protecting them now. Nothing of the kind, - said the President. - Money obscures the eyes, turned green from this money: who pays, they sing for him. Here is the only clue. And we have a lot of such people. "

Lukashenko also said that "a hybrid war is being waged against the country" and "troubles can be expected from everywhere."

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Earlier, on July 29, Belarus reported the arrest of more than 33 foreign citizens who turned out to be militants of the Russian private military army "Wagner". They came from Russia and settled in a sanatorium near Minsk. In Belarus, they believe that the goal of the militants was to “destabilize the situation during the election campaign” of the President of Belarus, reminds “Ukrainian truth”.

The names of most of the 33 militants of the Wagner PMC detained in Belarus are in the Ukrainian base “Peacemaker” - as participants in the war in Donbass. In Belarus, the detained militants are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack.

In Russia, it is said that a group of men were on their way to Istanbul, Turkey. The Investigative Committee of Belarus called the tickets to Turkey bought by Russian mercenaries an attempt to prepare an alibi for themselves. The head of the investigation team, Alexander Agafonov, said that the Russians had air tickets to fly to Istanbul on July 25, but, as the investigation found out, they did not intend to fly there.

“It is obvious that in an organized preparation for the commission of a crime, attackers prepare an alibi for themselves,” Agafonov stressed.

He said that all the detainees were interrogated with the participation of lawyers. Their testimonies are inconsistent, and contradictory about the goals of their stay in Belarus. According to him, the investigation has other data confirming that the final point of the route was exactly Minsk.

The Security Service of Ukraine announced that it would initiate the extradition of the militants detained in Belarus.

According to press service of the president Belarus, in this country, the Prosecutor General's Office will deal with the detainees.

“To remove this idle talk about the so-called 33 heroes, I will ask the Prosecutor General. My position is unambiguous: we have Belarusian laws, they committed offenses on the territory of Belarus. We know everything that has been revealed in the Investigative Committee today, ”the head of state said.

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He instructed to invite the prosecutors general of Ukraine and Russia to Belarus.

“Put three of us (attorneys general. - Approx. Ed.) before us international treaties and agreements with the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which we signed in a multilateral sense (we have undertaken obligations in this situation too), our laws. The chairman of the Investigative Committee, together with the State Security Committee, will report to you both the operational information and the information of the investigators: here are the documents, information - on the table. Decide three of us, ”said Alexander Lukashenko.

“If they don’t come, we will decide the issue, without them,” the head of state stressed.

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