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Elections 2020: Trump's rival in the presidential race

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaign, writes Air force. Thus, the rival of Donald trump in the 2020 elections was determined.

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The former candidate announced this at a conference to his staff. The media interpreted Sanders' statement as an announcement of termination of participation in the presidential race.

He explained the reason for his decision in a video message to supporters recorded in his house in Vermont.

"The path to victory is impossible," said Sanders. - I came to the conclusion that this struggle for the nomination from the Democratic Party will not be successful. And so today I am announcing its suspension. ”

On the subject: Election 2020: Trump secured his nomination, Biden defeats Sanders again

Democratic party leader is former US vice president Joe Biden, who is likely to become Trump’s rival in the November elections.

“Today I congratulate Joe Biden, a very worthy person with whom I will work to advance our innovative ideas,” said Sanders.

“In practical terms, let me say the following. I remain on the ballots in all other states and will continue to recruit delegates. Joe Biden will be nominated, but we must continue to work to gather as many delegates as possible at the Congress of the Democratic Party, where we can have a significant influence in the formation of the party platform and in other matters, ”he explained.

“After that, we will move forward together to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history,” concluded Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has a socialist reputation in the United States. His opponents often recall that in his youth, the future senator joined the youth unit of the Socialist Party of America, and in the late 1980s traveled to the Soviet Union and spent his honeymoon there.

As of April 7, Biden enlisted the support of 1 delegates from the Democratic Party. To win the nomination, the candidate must enlist the support of 217 delegates. After Sanders left the race, it was enough for Biden to get the votes of 1 delegates. In fact, he remained the only candidate in the struggle for the nomination.

There was no intrigue in the Republican Party initially, they intend to support the re-nomination of Donald Trump.

The names of the official candidates for the US presidency from the main parties we will learn in the summer of 2020. The presidential elections themselves will be held on November 3.

The electoral system in the USA is very confusing. We invite you to test your knowledge in this area by going through our test.

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