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Check yourself: what do you know about the complex system of presidential elections in the United States

The US election process is in full swing: last week ended tricks in Iowa, and today, February 11, will be held primaries in new hampshire. Despite the fact that there is more than 8 months before the vote, all the attention of American voters is already riveted to potential candidates.

Election of an American president is a long and complicated process, and few can boast that they understand all its intricacies. ForumDaily invites its readers to test their knowledge of American politics and take our exciting test. Good luck!


In the year of the US presidential election, we only hear about caucus and primaries. These are forms of preliminary selection of candidates. But how do they differ?

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Caucus suggests party members gather in private homes, schools, or other public buildings, discuss nominations, and vote openly by raising their hands. When voting on primaries, ballot boxes are used. They are organized by state authorities, while caucus is an informal meeting initiated by party members.

What is super tuesday?

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A large number of states conduct primaries and caucuses on the same day, which they nicknamed the Super Tuesday. This year, he fell on March 3. But preliminary voting takes place throughout the country from February 3 to June 6.

When will voters find out which of the candidates each party nominated?

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The National Convention of Democrats ends July 16, Republicans - August 27. Only then do the names of presidential candidates become officially known. To officially become a presidential candidate, the nominee must win an absolute majority of the votes of the delegates to the party convention, that is, gain the votes of half of the delegates plus one vote. The Republican Party candidate must overcome the mark of 1 votes, and the Democrat - 236.

The American electoral system allows only two presidential candidates to be nominated: one from the Democratic Party, the other from the Republican?

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Not only candidates from republicans or democrats can take part in the elections, but also self-nominated candidates or representatives of other parties. But they must have the support of a certain number of residents in all states and meet the requirements of local authorities so that their names are entered on the ballots. There is another option - to campaign for the voters themselves to write your name on the ballot during the voting. The USA is one of the few countries where voters have such an opportunity, although each state has different rules regarding the accounting of such votes. Moreover, you can enter the name of a person who has not even been nominated. The favorite candidate of the Americans is Mickey Mouse, he appears on the ballots with enviable regularity.

The winner is determined by the results of voting not of voters, but of electors. Can the one for whom the majority of voters voted lose in the end because electors did not support him?

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Americans cast their votes to the electoral college. There are 538 electors throughout the country. Each state has its own quantity, which depends mainly on the population of the region. The largest number of electors in California is 55. Which of the candidates will receive the largest number of votes in the state (Democrat or Republican), he will win all 55 votes. So elections work in all states except Nebraska and Maine, where votes are distributed differently. A candidate with 270 electoral votes becomes the US president. And how many votes will be received directly from voters by voters does not play any role in the elections. In 2016, for example, almost three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, but Trump won in more states, which gave him more electoral votes.

How to choose the president of the United States
The American electoral system is not your thing. But everything is fixable!

The US electoral system is indeed very complex and difficult to understand. However, after reading our material How to choose the president of the United States: a simple explanation of the complex electoral system you can flaunt her excellent understanding and shut up anyone who tries to discuss with you on this topic.
Not bad! But there is room to grow.

You have a good understanding of the intricacies of the American electoral system. Our material will help to perfect your knowledge. How to choose the president of the United States: a simple explanation of the complex electoral system.
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You are one of the few who understand how elections in the USA go. If you suddenly need to refresh some detail in your memory, we suggest you read our material How to choose the president of the United States: a simple explanation of the complex electoral system.

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