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Giuliani, Ukraine, and Joe Biden: US Trump Attorney Investigated

US lawmakers find out if the White House has tried manipulate the Ukrainian government to get incriminating evidence on one of the leaders of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, writes Air force.

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Three committees of the House of Representatives are investigating. In particular, they verify the legitimacy of the actions of Trump's personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani.

The chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party requested documents from the White House and the State Department.

The Republicans were interested in the ties of Biden’s son with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma and the role that the former vice president in the administration of Barack Obama could play in promoting his son’s business interests in Ukraine.

On the subject: Biden sent $ 1,8 billion in aid to Ukraine - his son received millions of dollars from a company connected with the government

The White House has not yet commented on the investigation.

What did the committee chairman say?

The joint investigation was initiated by the leaders of three committees - representatives of the Democratic Party: Eliot Engel (Foreign Affairs Committee), Adam Schiff (Intelligence Committee) and Elijah Cummings (Oversight Committee).

Their joint message says that they requested documents related to Trump and Giuliani's attempts to “manipulate the Ukrainian justice system in order to gain an advantage in the presidential re-election” and jeopardize a potential political opponent.

Rudolph Giuliani. Photos: Fox News video frame

According to them, Trump allegedly threatened to stop providing military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 250 million dollars from the funds allocated by Congress at the end of August.

Lawmakers intend to find out if this help was used as bait to force the Ukrainian government to carry out politically motivated investigations that would benefit Trump's 2020 election campaign of the year.

The heads of the committees requested documents from the White House, including a transcript of a conversation between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir ZelenskyHeld on July 25.

The committees are also interested in information on the likely suspension of military assistance and any documentation on litigations relating to Ukraine, the former head of Trump's campaign headquarters Paul Manafort, son of biden hunter and other related people.

Similar documents were requested from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The deadlines for submitting documents by the White House and the Department of State were determined by September 16.

How is Joe Biden's son related to this?

Photo: video frame

Hunter Biden served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Donald Trump and other Republicans are wondering if this has created a conflict of interest.

In May, the Ukrainian attorney general said that nothing illegal was found in the actions of Joe Biden and his son.

Hunter Biden joined the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings in 2014, shortly after his father's visit to Ukraine. Then the White House said that there was nothing inappropriate. A statement posted on the company’s website said Hunter Biden would provide assistance in matters of transparency, building corporate relations and responsibility, and expanding international activities.

Earlier, Joe Biden boasted that, in March of 2016, as US Vice President, he threatened that the Barack Obama administration would deprive Ukraine of the promised loan guarantees for 1 billion dollars if Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who was criticized for insufficient efforts to fight corruption will not be fired immediately.

Victor Shokin from 2016 of the year spent a large-scale anti-corruption investigation against Burisma Holdings, and in particular, as reported by the American media, the activities of Hunter Biden.

Soon after this, Shokin resigned as prosecutor general. As reported, at the time of his dismissal, no active investigative actions were carried out in this case.

In August of this year, Rudi Giuliani told the American media that he urgently She urged a representative of the Ukrainian president to take a closer look at the allegations that Joe Biden was trying to help his son’s business interests in Ukraine.

Giuliani noted that he acted in this matter as an ordinary citizen, and not as an official.

Also, it was reported that the president’s attorney wanted to find out exactly how the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller about the alleged interference of Russia in the US election began.

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