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What to do if you illegally worked in the USA and you weren’t paid

You can get your money for sure, says the author of the channelAll about America. Relocation to the USA for permanent residence“That on Yandex. Zen.

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If this sounds wild to you, then it’s just worth accepting that in the USA the attitude towards working people is different. I do not want to say that in the CIS countries the attitude towards them is terrible. No, of course, it all depends on the place, company, bosses, etc. In the states, no less than those who will treat you like bestial and as a slave. I’m talking specifically about the authorities, namely the department of labor (the state where you worked). It is this organization that can defend your rights, even if you did not have the right to work. Believe it or not, their logic is this: "The person worked, albeit illegally, that means he must get his money."

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You can safely go to court if you have not been paid. Here, of course, the question is brewing: what will be done to you next, will they not be expelled from the country, will they be fined?

Most likely, they will give you a Chinese warning that this is not good. Arrived on a tourist visa - relax and leave. Again, all of them are also people and will understand that in a foreign country you could run out of money (they were stolen or you lost), so I had to go to work. To enhance the effect, it should be said that of course you paid taxes. But getting caught a second time means leaving the states without the right to enter in the future.

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The essence of the situation is that your employer is much more afraid of your going to court, because he generally hired an illegal employee. In addition, has not yet paid him. For such a violation, the employer faces a fine of up to $ 10 thousand. Sometimes it is even possible to lose a license (for example, in construction) and a prison term. In general, he definitely does not need it and it will be much cheaper to simply give you your hard-earned money.

As an advice, I’ll say: just for reinsurance you should have any evidence, even indirect, that you worked there. For example, photographs, dating - yes, anything. In this case, if suddenly it comes to the debriefing, you can confirm your employment. After all, who knows what tactics the defendant will come up with? Maybe he will say that he never saw you, and after your proof it will immediately become clear to everyone that this person cannot be trusted.

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