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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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10 easy ways to pull up your English for the winter weekend

Long winter evenings and weekends can and should be spent with benefit. Especially if you have already achieved some results in learning English, you should not interrupt for the holidays. Even a little downtime will significantly reduce your progress. Use this time to tighten your English, advises the consultant "Lifehacker" Elena Britova, Academic Manager of Translink-Education, Methodologist, Teacher of Foreign Languages.

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1. Go on an excursion

Is it expensive to travel abroad? Then at least once during the winter weekend go on an excursion to the nearest museum, exhibition hall or gallery. Only with the condition that you book an excursion in English.

Now in all museums there are guides who conduct excursions for foreigners, or audio guides in several languages ​​of the world. The cost will be slightly higher, but the benefits will be huge. You will receive not only aesthetic pleasure, but also additional listening skills. And if you ask questions or enter into a discussion, then talk. This method is also suitable for families.

2. Meet friends

Even meeting friends can be turned into a good time. Of course, if you have like-minded people who share your desire to learn English.

Spend half an hour preparing. Find board games in English. Now there are a lot of ready-made cards, adventure games that train grammar, vocabulary and communication skills. You can just play lotto, but be sure to speak only English. So you definitely pump knowledge of numbers.

The banal "Mafia" can also turn into an exciting journey into the world of English realities and language. But there is still “Cities”, “Edible / Inedible”, “Gallows”, “Field of Miracles”, “Scrabble”.

Do not want to bother with preparation or bad with imagination? Go to the nearest store and buy ready-made games in English - there are a lot of them now.

3. Go to a restaurant, bar or cafe

Now almost every cafe has a menu in English. Use only it and do not peek into the Russian-language version. If you do not know the word, look in the dictionary.

Try to formulate your order also in English, as well as express your taste preferences. So you learn the names of products / dishes / drinks once and for all. Great practice for the future.

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4. Hang posters and stickers around the apartment

In addition to the tinsel and garlands that remained after the holidays, decorate your home with colored stickers, posters, posters with grammar rules, alphabet, reading rules, new or difficult to remember words.

Stick small pieces of paper with the names of objects in English on the furniture. You can attach diagrams and grammar tables to the refrigerator, mirrors, doors and other strategic places.

Each time, passing by or taking an object, call it in English, repeat the rule and be sure to give 2-3 examples of the use of the word in speech. Even the preparation of educational posters will not pass without a trace. If you do not like to write and draw, there are ready-made options in stores.

5. Watch movies and TV shows

Outdoor activities are not for you? Do not like noisy companies? Prefer to relax alone in front of the TV? Then watch your favorite movies, TV shows, programs, but in English. You can with subtitles, you can without them.

Watch the BBC channel and retell at least one piece of news. Are you bored alone? Invite your friends, turn off the sound on the TV and voice comedy heroes in English. Unbanal, fun and useful.

6. Read books, articles or magazines

You can find 10-15 minutes a day for reading literature for the soul at least 2-3 times a week. So you will relax from the hustle, bustle and celebration and at the same time activate your English. Read what you like, or what you have long wanted to read. There are no teachers nearby, so feel free to choose the text according to your interests.

There is only one condition: after reading, be sure to briefly retell the text, even at the level of “What have you read?” And “Liked / disliked”.

7. Sing in karaoke

Do you like to sing? Combine: go with friends in karaoke, sing your favorite songs in English. So you practice pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and have more fun.

Feel free to sing in public? Find your favorite songs on the Internet, work on the text (translate the words, imbue the meaning) and sing. Try to simulate pronunciation and intonation to form the correct pronunciation.

8. Learn poems

Choose the material that you will memorize. For example, a passage from Shakespeare, or a poem with irregular verbs, or a funny tongue twister. Training in memory, reading rules, grammar and vocabulary expansion are provided. Yes, and there will be something to brag to friends.

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9. Retell your day

If none of your friends or relatives share your passion for English, do not despair. Act like the ancient Greeks. Every day before bedtime they retold their past day in great detail. This helped them train their memory and pay attention to detail.

Retell, and better write down in English what you did during the day. Let just a few sentences, but this will help not to forget the grammar and vocabulary.

10. Install the special application

Install the English word learning app. Put a reminder in it and learn 5-10 new words a day. Or do grammar tasks at least once every two days.

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