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Learn English by movie: top paintings by language proficiency

One of the basics of knowing the English language - listening to it is better to train while watching English-language films, writes Studway.

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For Elementary level (A1)
(You can understand and say simple words in English)

You should start with those films that you have already seen in your native language. For beginners, cartoons with simple vocabulary, for example, the work of Pixar, are perfect. Do not forget about the subtitles, but let them be in English, otherwise all the benefits of watching a movie will come to naught.

  1. Up. One of Pixar's cartoons is suitable for beginners. This is a vivid story that can be understood even without words.
  2. Casper ("Casper is a good ghost"). An animated series about a ghost who wants to find true friends. Casper is not only friendly - he also speaks in short and understandable phrases.
  3. The Man Called Flinstone ("A man named Flintstone"). A parody of the famous "Bond" (a series of films about James Bond). Funny cartoon with simple vocabulary, legible language and short phrases.
  4. Finding Nemo (Finding Nemo) is a story about how a small fish was searched in the vast ocean.
  5. The Jungle Book - The classic cartoon was filmed in 1967. This tale about the boy Mowgli is a perfect example of Disney's signature style.

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For Pre-Intermediate (A2)
(Able to tell a little about himself)

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Romantic American comedy, became one of the most successful films of 2002. It is worth watching at least in order to cheer yourself up and listen to the slow clear speech of the heroes of the tape!
  2. The Holiday. A romantic story about how two women decided to exchange houses. The main roles are played by both Americans (Cameron Diaz and Jack Black) and the British (Jude Law and Kate Winslet). Is this not a great opportunity to watch the “confrontation” of accents?
  3. Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast). Disney's tale of true love, in which there is a lot of romance, songs and good pronunciation.
  4. The Wizard of Oz. The film, shot back in 1939, is a classic that can be an excellent educational material for beginners.
  5. The Lion King. The cartoon must have been watched by everyone. And since we advised starting with films that you already watched in your native language, why not choose your favorite Simba story?

For Intermediate level (B1)
(You speak relatively well and understand, using basic times)

  1. Raiders of the Lost Arc (Indiana Jones: Finding the Lost Ark). The first of the films about Indiana Jones, in which he has to deal with the Nazis. Why is it worth a look? There are three reasons: interesting dialogues, picturesque landscapes, and, of course, clashes with enemies, during which Indiana demonstrates a mastery of the whip.
  2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Another story about the adventures of the sexiest archaeologist: this film is filled with action scenes, so there are relatively few dialogs. In addition, the place of action is India, so you have the opportunity to train your understanding of the “non-American” accent.
  3. Shrek ("Shrek"). The adventures of the green cannibal can not only conduct a kind of tour of American culture (which is just a reference to the Matrix). “Shrek” is also a story of true love and strong friendship, whose heroes speak quite clearly. A nice detail: Fiona is voiced by the already familiar Cameron Diaz.
  4. Toy Story. When Disney and Pixar come together for a joint project, magic is born. So the Toy Story appeared, as if intended for children (this is proved by relatively light vocabulary). However, in this story, adults can also find something of their own.
  5. Cast Away ("Exile"). This film is basically a monologue, so it’s very easy to follow the course of events and the thoughts of the protagonist. Speaking of heroes: the main role is played by Tom Hanks, who is known for his slow pronunciation, which is so easy to hear!

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For Upper Intermediate (B2)
(You speak and understand well, but you make mistakes and have a limited vocabulary)

  1. The Matrix. Four Oscars seem to hint that the film is still worth attention. “The Matrix” is a spectacular film where the characters talk quite rarely, as clear as possible, and even give valuable instructions!
  2. The Hangover ("Hangover"). A comedy that has almost become a classic. Lively speech, an American accent and lots of fun - all this can be found in Vegas!
  3. Forrest Gump ("Forrest Gump"). The main character, Forrest, has psychological problems, which makes actor Tom Hanks speak more slowly than usual. A wonderful film from which you can learn a lot about the Vietnam War and the 1960s hippy movement.
  4. The Hunger Games. Another film where the main thing is entertainment and visualization. Almost all the characters speak with an American accent, so watching The Hunger Games is a great opportunity to get used to it.
  5. 500 Days of Summer ("500 days of summer"). An atypical love story that helps pull up vocabulary and spoken English.

For Advanced (C1)
(You speak well and understand the interlocutor, practically make no mistakes)

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl). An adventure film, which, however, needs to be watched carefully - pirates are actively using outdated vocabulary and book style of speech. But the vocabulary is definitely enriched!
  2. The Mummy. Isn’t it interesting to know how “mummification” or “sacrifice” will be in English? So we think so.
  3. The Social Network. A film by Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of the popular TV show News Service. In the “Social Network” you will hear dialogs in a lively spoken language, and also enrich the vocabulary of terminology related to computers, technologies and, in fact, social networks.
  4. Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice). A film for true connoisseurs of British classics. See the 1995 version to plunge headlong into the atmosphere of prim England.
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany's. And this is an American classic with Audrey Hepburn in the lead role. Definitely worth a look in the original language!

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