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Modern English Acronyms You May Not Know

You probably know what IMHO, LOL or OMG means. But how to respond to BYOB at the end of a party invitation or a confident AMA is a good time to find out. List of useful English abbreviations compiled by the edition Lifahacker.

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Stands for Bring Your Own Bottle - "grab yourself a bottle." This means that the host of the party to which you are invited has taken care of the refreshments, but with respect to alcohol, he is counting on the help of the guests.

Come to Nick's house at 5 pm. BYOB - Come to Nick today at five. Bring alcohol!

2. SMH

This is short for Shaking my head translated as “shaking my head” and means a reaction to something unpleasant or very strange.

He's late again - He's late again.
SMH - I shake my head.

3. CSL

Abbreviation from Can't Stop Laughing. She, on the contrary, says that the interlocutor cannot stop laughing at the mention of something really cheerful. In fact, another version of LOL.

Have you seen that? - Saw this video with a dancing dog?
CSL! - I can not stop laughing!


Fear of missing out - this is a popular acronym recently, means fear of missing something. For example, a party.

I have to go to that party! I have severe FOMO! - I have to go to this party! I have a hard fear of missing something important!

5. AF

Stands for As fuck, but does not mean anything abusive. This is the extreme degree of something like a Russian "to go nuts".

Those tacos were spicy AF! - These tacos were awesome how sharp!

6. Fam

How would you name your best friend or girlfriend with whom you are very close? Probably, they would say that they are like a brother or sister to you? In English, there is an abbreviation FAM from the word Family.

My fam is always there for me - My close friends are always ready to help me.

7. IRL

The Internet has captured the world so much that we even began to divide life into real and virtual. So there was a reduction IRL - In Real Life.

IRL - In real life, I'm actually a very friendly person.

8. ELI5

To express sincere ignorance in any matter, you can use the abbreviation ELI5 (Explain Like I'm 5), which means "explain as if I am 5 years old."

ELI5 “I don't know anything about computer parts, explain as if I was five years old.”


FTFY is sometimes encountered in English-language chats. This acronym may appeal to those who like to correct grammatical mistakes after others, because it means Fixed that for you and translates as "fixed it for you."

It should be speak, not spik. FTFY - It should be speak, not spik. Corrected for you.

10. DAE

Shortening the issue Does Anyone Else? ("Someone else?"). For example, you want to find like-minded people among the interlocutors:

DAE like this band? - Does anyone else like this band?

11. AMA

And if you are an expert in any issue and you want to share your knowledge, AMA will come in handy - Ask Me Anything ("Ask me anything").

AMA - I have been studying Van Gogh for years, ask me about anything.

12. Icymi

This abbreviation is derived from the long expression In Case You Missed It... Used in a conversation to explain the topic under discussion to the one who just connected to it - "in case you missed ..."

ICYMI, we were talking about our healthcare system - In case you missed, we discussed our healthcare.

13. PAW

How often as a teenager did you try to hide the topics of your conversations with friends from your parents? The current youth is much more inventive: when the mother stands behind her and covertly observes what her child is talking to her comrades, the reduction is going on PAW - Parents Are Watching.

Let's go to the library together? PAW - Let's go to the library? Parents are watching!


And finally, simple expressions that may be useful to you in correspondence with an English-speaking friend:

  • YW - You're Welcome.
  • RLY - Really.
  • ILY - I Love You.
  • SY - See You.


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