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Trump ordered to begin the transfer of power to Biden

US President Donald Trump said he had ordered the General Services Administration (GSA) to "do what it takes" on the "initial protocols" for the transfer of power to Joe Biden. "RIA News".

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Earlier, CNN TV channel reported that GSA and its head Emily Murphy recognized the Democratic candidate as the winner of the election and announced their readiness to begin the transfer of power.

“Our cause is making good progress, we will continue to fight hard, I am sure we will win! However, in the best interests of our country, I recommend that Emily (Murphy) and her team do whatever is necessary regarding the original protocols, and I told my team to do the same, ”Trump wrote in Twitter.

He added that Murphy was subjected to “insults, threats and ill-treatment” for her “strong loyalty” to the United States.

“I don't want this to happen to her or the GSA officials,” Trump concluded.

Photo: screenshot

Photo: screenshot

Thus, the American leader again refused to admit defeat in the elections, although he allowed the beginning of formal procedures for the transfer of power. The Biden headquarters also noted that this issue has been finally resolved.

The next head of state will be sworn in on January 20, 2021.

On the subject: Can the electors vote for Trump, despite the popular vote?

The US presidential elections were held on November 3, but their final results have not yet been announced. According to US media reports, the Democratic candidate won enough electoral votes to win. Many world leaders have already congratulated Biden on his election as head of state.

Trump accuses rivals of trying to "steal the election." President's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said voting irregularities were systemic.

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