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Longevity Secrets: How to Maintain Health if You Have a Sedentary Job

For most of the twentieth century, a cult of labor was worshiped in America. It was normal and even honorable to be a workaholic, to work hard and to devote oneself to a career. However, the situation is now changing. Many have realized that they want not only to work, but also to live long, happily and in good health. If the idea of ​​happiness is different for everyone (but almost always this requires family and friends, which means a balance of work and personal life), then the concepts of health and longevity are common to everyone. The recipe for achieving them is also the same for everyone - and there is no sitting in the workplace for days on end.

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Responsible employers in the United States have realized that a healthy and happy employee is more productive, and therefore promote and support the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle. There are such employers even in very unexpected industries - for example, the trucking company is actively interested in the issues of longevity and preservation of health. SVB Express... The company told ForumDaily about how a trucker (and not only him - the recipe is the same for everyone) can keep himself in good shape, lead a healthy lifestyle and contribute to his longevity.

First of all, they say in the company, on the way to the goal of maintaining the health of employees, one should not break away from reality and wear rose-colored glasses. A trucker is a sedentary job and it is unhealthy. Low physical activity, according to medical estimates based on various studies, increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Recognizing the main disadvantage of working as a trucker, SVB Express note that they were able to create a schedule and working conditions that allow truckers who want to monitor their physical condition to do it better and more efficiently than in many other professions.

Longevity recipe and truck driving

Physical activity

This is the main guarantee of health and longevity. Doctors advise to regularly engage in moderate physical activity. This could be brisk walking, swimming, dancing, or exercising in the gym. If you load your body with moderate physical activity at least 150 minutes a week, then the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke, arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, depression, osteoporosis, and cancer is significantly reduced.

The work of a trucker involves constant small physical activity: checking and securing cargo, repair work, etc. Staff SVB Express physically more active than their counterparts from other companies, since SVB only works with flat bed trucks. These are open platforms on which you can carry loads of different sizes, but the driver must secure these loads and cover them with an awning, and this is already a good physical training.

But in time it will not be enough to ensure the health of the body, according to the recommendations of doctors. but SVB Express invites its drivers to independently form a work schedule (especially if you are an owner operator), which means, if you wish, you will have time for independent sports activities or visiting a fitness club.

Healthy sleep

Adequate rest ensures the renewal of the nervous system and body cells, which is extremely important, especially for those who are already over 30. Schedule of work in SVB Express not only allows, but demands that drivers sleep at night - a slept trucker is more careful, the risk of accidents is lower, the load and the car are safe.

Balanced diet

To be healthy and prolong your life, you need to build a diet from a variety of foods: grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. It is extremely important to regularly, 2-3 times a week, eat fish, and fruits and vegetables should be present in the diet daily (at least 500 g per day).

Unhealthy diet is a major risk factor for many non-communicable diseases, including cancer. Poor nutrition in 35% of cases is the cause of the development of oncological diseases, smoking is in second place - 32%, heredity accounts for only 2%. That is, what we eat directly affects our chances of living to be 100 years old.

What influences our diet? On the one hand, the desire to adhere to a healthy diet, and on the other, financial opportunities. Farmed fruits and vegetables in the United States are not cheap, fish and seafood too. Therefore, to ensure a healthy diet for the whole family, you need to make good money.

With salaries SVB Express you can afford to eat really well and properly. The company pays up to $ 1 per mile. On average, a driver drives 10 to 000 miles a month. This brings him $ 12 - $ 000 monthly. This amount is significantly higher than the national average income and certainly does not save on food. One of the reasons for such high salaries is the company's work exclusively with flat-bed trucks. Such trucks carry loads of different sizes, which means they are more in demand among customers who are willing to pay more for the transportation of their cargo by machines. SVB Express, because the owners of conventional trucks are unable to carry out such transportation.

Photo: SVB Express

Harmony with you

Depression and depressive mood do not contribute to longevity in any way. Therefore, in SVB Express take care of the emotional state of employees. The company gives the opportunity to independently form its schedule in order to achieve work-life balance and ensure harmonious family relationships.

In addition, the SVB Express acts welcome bonus and incentives for loyalty to the company - they want everyone to feel desirable and important employee, which also has a positive effect on the emotional state.

Constant brain activity

By forcing the brain to work actively, a person keeps his head light, and also activates the activity of the circulatory system and metabolism. The most important condition for prolonging life and health is spiritual improvement. To do this, you do not need to go to a monastery in Nepal, just solve crosswords, read more, learn foreign languages ​​or master other skills.

В SVB Express such undertakings of employees only support. A trucker in a company can earn passive income by recommending SVB Express other drivers, or invest the money saved up on this job and partially cover their expenses through dividends. This will free some of his time from work - for reading books or taking interesting courses, not only to maintain brain activity, but also for further personal and professional growth and development.

Workaholics are no longer in vogue in the US; now, happy and healthy people are trending. If you want to live long, happily and make good money without working for days, then SVB Express expands the trucker team.

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