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From earning a living to financial freedom: how to get through all these steps without changing jobs

As we age, our desires and needs change. And it's good if the level of earnings changes with them. Because what is considered good money at the age of 20 does not fulfill even half of our desires at the age of 30.

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In the United States, the concept of building a career is more widespread than in the post-Soviet space. In America, promotions in one company are valued more than job changes with pay increases in different firms. At the same time, there are several positions that are considered “non-career”, that is, those in which promotion is impossible, you just work, earn some money and that's it. Many people mistakenly refer to this as the profession of a truck driver. Rather, to be completely honest, this opinion is not always wrong, and in many companies it is really marking time. But there are trucking companies where drivers can grow and develop, up to achieving financial freedom and passive income.

A striking example of such a company is SVB Express... They even created the Maslow Trucking Pyramid to demonstrate how the growing needs of their drivers for development and higher earnings are being met.

Infographics: SVB Express

Level one: basic needs

Having started cooperation with SVB Express, you can count on good wages. But it is labor, that is, passive income is not at the initial stage, and you will really take a lot of time to work. The company pays up to $ 1 per mile if you work on their truck. If the truck is yours, as an owner operator you can earn up to $ 3 per mile. Rates are higher than the market average, but getting good money will require hard work and a full working week on the road. SVB Express drivers drive an average of 10 to 000 miles per month. That is, they earn at least 12 thousand dollars a month. This money is enough to support the family and all the necessary purchases, including family outings to restaurants or amusement parks.

Level two: the need for security

What is safety for a person? Where is she located? - Right! My home is my castle! Security is within your own walls, walls that you do not rent, but you own.

With salary SVB Express It is quite possible to gradually save up for a house in the USA, but the company understands the needs of its drivers and is ready to accelerate their progress towards the dream. Therefore, she offers up to $ 10 in safety bonus. That is, if you pass safety checks on the road without remarks and violations, constantly keep the truck in order and monitor the implementation of all safety standards, then the company can thank you for this with a five-figure bonus amount. An excellent addition to savings for your own home and creating a sense of security for yourself and your family.

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Level three: social needs

Man is a social being, without communication we feel bad and sad (just remember the horrors of isolation of the last year). SVB Express understands this and cares not only about the material needs of its employees, but also about social ones. Behind 12 years in the market, the company has created a powerful team of dispatchers and honed their skills. They are ready to help any of more than 150 drivers around the clock and advise them on all issues that may arise during loading, travel, unloading, etc.

SVB Express knows perfectly well that everyone is pleased to feel their importance, and therefore offers new employees sign up bonus on $ 3. No way. Just to thank you for your decision to be part of the team.

Level four: respect and recognition

After you have passed all the previous levels, SVB Express understands that you are truly loyal to the company and are ready to put in efforts for its development and growth. She will pay with the same coin. You do a good job, spend your energy and time keeping the truck in order and safety, recommend SVB Express friends, have built constructive relationships with dispatchers ... This is enough for the company to offer you a loyalty bonus - from $ 3. At this stage, most drivers already earn more than $ 000 thousand a year, while due to various bonuses, part of this amount does not come from direct labor , but from the accumulated reputation and allows you to slightly weaken the work pressure and schedule, without losing in earnings.

Top of the pyramid: passive income and time to self-create

If you connect your social connections and recommend a smart new driver to the company, then SVB Express will pay you from $ 3 for it. Agree, it's not bad to get a raise for finding a job for a friend ... A referral bonus allows you to receive passive income, that is, actually achieve financial freedom and devote part of the time to personal growth and self-development. And investing in yourself - money or time - always pays off well.

By the way, if you are looking for ways to invest the money earned in SVB Express not only in yourself, but also in other assets, then here we have collected best investment options for beginners players in the financial market.

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Freedom Express

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