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Good income and harmony in the family: how to find a balance for a trucker

According to Groupon's analysis, most American workers suffer from work-life imbalances.

Dmitry Sukach, SVB Express employee, happy husband and father. Photo from personal archive

An e-commerce company asked 2000 Americans about how their workweek is going, how stressful their lives are, and whether they have time for family. 60% of respondents admitted that they do not have clear boundaries between work and personal life, and sometimes they perform work duties even at home. A third of Americans said they work too hard and are under constant stress, and 40% said they work too many hours, which leaves no time for personal life.

Some professions have a reputation for being more damaging to the family than others. In particular, it is believed that work that involves long trips and business trips is much more detrimental to your personal life than office work from 9 to 18.

Therefore, pilots, sailors and truckers are enrolled in the most non-family professions. But according to the founder freight forwarding companies SVB Express Alexandra Tsvigun, truckers in this group turned out to be undeserved, at least those who work in his company.

“The work schedule at SVB Express is chosen so that drivers do not work for wear and tear, but have a fresh mind and control the situation on the road. Our drivers manage to spend weekends with their families, and the high quality of our technology greatly simplifies the driving process and reduces work stress. By the way, our company only works with Freightliner Cascadia. We do not use trucks that are more than 4 years old, so as not to risk the comfort and safety of our employees, and also to guarantee high quality services to our customers, ”explained Alexander.

Devotion to a weekend of personal life, according to family psychologists, is quite enough to maintain a harmonious relationship with a wife or girlfriend. A joint weekend in this format of relations turns into a real holiday with your wife and children or into a long-awaited romantic date, where you have something to share with each other. Moreover, a trucker's day off is a 100% day off, without reworking unfinished business at the computer or sitting for hours on the phone in an attempt to solve some urgent problem.

Of course, in order to achieve harmony, a certain level of mutual understanding and wisdom is required from both partners, because you can devote a joint weekend to sorting out relationships or quarrels over trifles. But in this case, the problem lies not in the work schedule, but somewhere much deeper.

Photo: SVB Express

Being able to spend enough time with your family is great. But only if it does not go to the detriment of earnings, because financial well-being for the family is also extremely important. And in many professions, this is like the scales of two scales: either you earn good money, or you do not miss important family events and have an excellent relationship with your wife. It is very difficult to achieve balance here.

But truckers were lucky in this regard, according to SVB Express.

In September, against the backdrop of the global crisis, the company's management increased wages. Previously, the high was 0,75 cents a mile, now it is up to 0,95 cents a mile. This is higher than most competitors.

According to one of the company's drivers, he drives an average of 10 to 000 miles a month. It’s not hard to calculate that this brings him $ 12 - $ 000 monthly. This is a good income, no matter what state you live in. Therefore, you will definitely not have to quarrel with your wife because of a lack of money.

In addition to salary, SVB Express offers a number of bonuses: experience and additional downloads. The payment system looks like this:

Photo: SVB Express

In addition, the company provides a winter bonus, aboutpaid inspections, and also preferral program and rule “The more experience you have, the higher the pay. ”

SVB Express also offers favorable working conditions for tractor owners and some of the best truck leasing prices on the market.

“In a word, any whim is for your money, the main desire on your part, and we will teach and show you the rest,” says Alexander Tsvigun.

Loving your job is great, but it should reciprocate, not stress. The trucker profession is one where a healthy work-life balance is truly possible without compromising pay.

SVB Express continues to expand and recruit new drivers. If you want to become part of the team, fill out the form here (the company speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian).

Material prepared in partnership with

Svoboda Express

cell: + (847) 989-2955

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