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New green card lottery rule has created problems for participants

In 2019, the USA introduced a new rule for submitting documents for participation in the green card lottery. Each applicant must indicate the number, series and validity of their passport. Such an innovation has perplexed many residents of the countries of the former USSR, since the cost of a document is often not affordable for the middle class. Writes about this Radio Ozodi.

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The innovation to participate in the annual American Green Card lottery puzzled many Tajiks. The US Embassy in Dushanbe reported that since 2019 of the year applicants must indicate their passport number and its validity in the application form.

To obtain a passport, you need to pay about 1 thousand somoni ($ 103), and you will have to wait two weeks for the document. Most residents wishing to participate in the lottery admitted that the innovation was a surprise to them and some obstacle to participation in the Green Card.

In Russia, the cost of a biometric passport issued for 10 years is 5000 rubles ($ 78), the production time for such a passport can take from 30 to 90 days. Therefore, if a person who wants to participate in the lottery did not know about the innovation and does not have a passport, then he has no chance to submit an application, since they will not have time to make a document before the deadline for accepting applications for participation.

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In Ukraine, the cost of a biometric passport issued for 10 years will depend on the production time - if the applicant is in no hurry and has time to wait, then the passport will be ready within 20 working days (with weekends - about a month), it will cost 682 UAH (about $ 28), for production up to 3-7 working days you will have to pay UAH 1034. ($ 42). Such terms of production are very beneficial for those wishing to participate in the drawing of green cards, since even without knowing the new rule, you can have time to prepare the necessary document and submit an application on time.

There is a single-passport system in Belarus - the internal passport of a citizen of Belarus allows you to travel abroad. The document is not biometric. The start of issuing biometric and individual passports, that is, the transition to a dual-passport system in the country, is planned for January 2020 (the preliminary cost of a passport is set at $ 80, and the production time is 1 calendar month).

A student from Tajikistan, Subkhon Bekov, in 2019 wanted to try his luck and try to get a residence permit in the United States, but one of the companies that help fill out questionnaires for those wishing to leave for America, he was asked to provide a passport number. “I have no money to urgently get a foreign passport. Therefore, this condition is now impracticable for me, ”he said.

Firms providing paid services for filling out questionnaires admitted that this year the number of applicants has significantly decreased and there is no such excitement as in the past.

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Saidshoh Burizoda, an employee of one of these firms, said that in previous years, they filled out up to 70 questionnaires every day. “This year the number of applications is relatively lower. And before that they came to the capital even from remote areas to fill out a questionnaire. Probably, many Tajiks do not have foreign passports, ”the source said.

Other interlocutors believe that today many Tajiks have learned to fill out questionnaires on their own, and relatives and relatives who live abroad help them in this.

The United States annually holds a lottery to ensure national diversity, playing about 50 thousand green cards for those who want to live and work in America. Most Tajik applicants are young people, although those who have already moved to the United States admit that living in a dream country is not so easy.

Dushanbe resident Said has been participating in the green card lottery for several years in a row, but to no avail. “But I do not give up hope and this year I will also try my luck. If luck smiles at me, I will go, but no, I will persistently try next year. Living and studying in the USA is my dream, ”he says.

About 700 Tajiks become lucky winners of the green card lottery every year. According to the Rethinkinstitute in Washington, which estimated data up to 2015, 6 Tajik immigrants live in the United States.

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According to official estimates, over the past five years, about 3 thousand Tajiks have entered the United States through a green card. Hundreds of other Tajik citizens went to this country on various educational programs or job offers.

Experts say that the main reason for the outflow of some Tajiks rests on the social factor, citizens go abroad in search of a better life. However, authorities reject the brain drain process and talk about seasonal migration.

Recall that the 2020 green card lottery started on October 2, and applications will be accepted until November 5. Read all you need to know about participation here.

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