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How to apply for US citizenship and a green card online

In the United States, immigrants applying for US citizenship or replacing a temporary green card with a permanent one can now apply online using the new tools available on the USCIS home page.


The first step is to create a personal USCIS account by going to address and using an email address.

“Online filing helps applicants and petitioners improve the efficiency of the process,” said a USCIS spokesman. "It simplifies the adjudication process by making it easier for USCIS to share files with interagency partners, communicate with complainants and petitioners, and get better responses to requests for evidence and decisions."


The following forms are currently available for online submission:

I-90, Permanent Resident Card Replacement Statement

N-336, Request for a hearing on a decision on naturalization.

N-400, Application for Naturalization

N-565, Application for Replacing the Naturalization / Citizenship Document

N-600, Citizenship Application

N-600K, Application for citizenship and issuance of a certificate in accordance with section 322

G-28, Notice of Entry as Attorney or Accredited Representative


USCIS lists the following benefits for online immigration applications:

▪ An online account provides immigrants with a convenient and secure way to submit their applications and check the status of their applications or requests in the decision-making process.

▪ It simplifies the payment method. required fees.

▪ The USCIS electronic archive is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, so immigrants can use these devices to access their accounts.

▪ Applicants can update their personal information online.

▪ In one transaction, immigrants can apply, download supporting documents, and pay the necessary fees.

▪ Candidates can access all of their information in real time and view the full history of their interaction with USCIS.

▪ The electronic application form is easy to use because it combines all related questions on one screen. Only those questions are asked that are required by the information provided by the applicant.

The electronic system also displays online alerts to help applicants provide the information they need. According to the immigration agency, its goal is to reduce the number of rejected applications and requests for additional documents or evidence.

How to submit immigration forms online

If you are going to apply online, you must complete the following steps:

▪ Create online account

▪ Start filling out questionnaires

▪ Upload documents or evidence supporting your application.

▪ Print a PDF copy of your files

▪ Sign forms electronically (electronic signature)

▪ Pay the required fee

▪ Check account to get date send your fingerprints and hold the necessary data verification and security checks

▪ Respond to requests for supporting evidence

▪ Check application status

▪ Wait for a USCIS decision.

For more information on applying online, visit this USCIS link .

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