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National Pizza Day: where to look for discounts and promotions on this favorite dish of many

National Pizza Day, February 9, is part of the highest echelon of culinary celebrations. You will find many delicious offers from your favorite pizzerias on this day. Lifehacker.

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Bravo! Italian Cuisine

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the 29 establishments Bravo! across the country, you can to visit them in person to take advantage of their National Pizza Day offer. You can get 50% off all pizza you buy on February 9th.

Chuck and cheese

There are no limits to enjoy Chuck E Cheese! If you are enough close to one of their establishments, you can dine to get a free large BOGO pizza with any toppings of your choice. Not all locations have this offer, so you should call ahead to be sure.

Cici's Pizza

Cici's Pizza will offer two large pizzas with one topping for $6 (usually $8) each. Check out their locations here.

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Marcos's Pizza

Marcos's Pizza is in the majority of states. If you visit them application or webbroker, they will offer medium pizzas with one topping for $7 (that's 50% off). Use promo code "MED699" to get a discount.

Pasqually's Pizza & Wings

Internet-a restaurant Pizza and Wings will give away free cheese pizzas (worth $13,49) if you spend at least $30 there. You will need to use the code "PIZZADAY" in order for the cheese pizza to be added to your order. Check out their locations here.


У Schlotsky's 344 establishments throughout country, so chances are you'll be close to one of them (especially if you live in Texas). If you are a member Action rewards, you will be able to receive free BOGO pizza when you order in their application or on the webOnline.

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You can also check out what promotions are running at your favorite local pizzeria.

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