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Ukrainian clip maker conquers the USA: many stars want a video from a director from Odessa

Many world celebrities collaborate with Ukrainian director Tanya Muinho, she has many prestigious awards, and she is one of the most sought-after video makers in the United States, reports TSN.

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A girl began her career in Ukraine. Although the Odessa woman has an education in the specialties of world economics and programming, she did not have to work in these areas. Tanya took up photography, fashion design, directing and filming videos, which brought her insane success.

Muinho’s first work was a 2013 video for the singer ROZHDEN for a song called “You Know.” The director's video has received more than four million views on YouTube.

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Then Tanya began to actively collaborate with Ukrainian artists. In particular, Muinho made videos for Eva Bushmina, the group “Time and Glass”, Nastya Kamenskikh, Michelle Andrade, Vera Brezhneva, Nadya Dorofeeva. Most of all, the director collaborated with Ukrainian superstar Dmitry Monatic. Tanya created 14 videos for MONATIK, including “Circulating”, “Love it rhythm”, “Weekend” and others.

Muinho entered the world market in 2019 when she shot a video for the track Small talk for American singer Katy Perry. The video has received over 33 million views on YouTube. After the video for Katy Perry, many world celebrities wanted to collaborate with Tanya. However, the director agrees only if she likes the song. If you don’t like the song, she will refuse, no matter how famous and popular the artist is.

Tanya also collaborated with the British singer Yungblud. In particular, the artist made videos for the songs Cotton Candy and Fleabag, the latter was filmed in Kyiv.

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One of the iconic works of Tanya is a video for the song by the American artist Cardi B-Up. The video has received over 250 million views on YouTube. By the way, Cardi B herself contacted Muinho and offered her cooperation.

In the arsenal of the director there is a video for the song by the American rapper Lil Nas X - Montero. For this work, Tanya won the prestigious American Music Awards.

The video itself has received over 517 million views on YouTube.

Tanya also directed clips for such artists as Post Malone, The Weeknd, Lizzo, Rosalia and others.

One of Muinho’s latest works was a video for the song by British singer Harry Styles – As It Was. The director's video won the "Best Pop Video" category at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

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British singer Sam Smith recently released a video for the song I'm Not Here To Make Friends. The director of the video work was Ukrainian Tanya Muinho, with whom the performer had long dreamed of working. The video for the track turned out to be quite provocative and frank, but at the same time fascinating and with the author's style of the clipmaker.

By the way, the well-known Ukrainian designer FROLOV worked on this clip, creating some of the images of the artist himself and his ballet.

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