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'I dream to acquaint Americans with Kazakh culture': singer Dimash Kudaibergen - about a concert in the USA, creativity and plans

24-year-old Kazakhstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen is a recognized celebrity. The number of his fans is growing exponentially and amounts to more than 100 million people. December 10 2019 of the year at the Barclays Center arena in New York Dimash recital (DQ) with Arnau program. The show personifies Kudaibergen as a messenger of Kazakh culture and music. In anticipation of his performance in the USA, the musician answered several questions of interest to his fans and music lovers.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

How would you describe your music and how do you differ from other artists in your genre?

I grew up on classical music and since childhood I have been listening to different musical genres. I love rap, jazz, blues, soul ... I have absolutely the same attitude to all musical directions, but, as they say, there must be some basis. And the basis of all musical trends and genres is, of course, a classic. I have a classical education, but since I am a music lover, I like to sing in different directions, at least I try.

What kind of music did you grow up on? Remember your first concert?

I remember my first concert ... In general, my very first appearance on the stage was two years old - I had to play some small role, just go around the stage. Honestly, I don’t remember. And what I remember is my appearance on stage with a song. At the age of five, this was when I entered the Aktobe Music School in piano and vocals. Then he sang a song about his hometown.

Your “Arnau” tour in 2019 is already taking place in the USA. At your age, this is a pretty high achievement. But what was it like breaking into the music scene when you first started? What was your first show?

Of course, I am grateful, firstly, to my parents and my teachers for the fact that I now have my own audience. What I’m doing right now, what I’ve dreamed of, what all this time has been going on, is happening, of course, realized thanks to Allah, my parents and friends, my team. There were plenty of difficulties, but in any case, what does not kill us makes us stronger. And now I'm going to one of my main goals - a concert in America. I hope that everything will be at the highest level, I will be waiting for you all.

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My first concerts were in Kazakhstan. I had a tour - 25 concerts throughout our country. It was four years ago, if I’m not mistaken, after winning the contest “Slavic Bazaar”. There was no show; on stage I was alone. I gave the big concert for the first time in 2017 after I returned from the project I Am Singer in China. There we gave a concert on 35 000 people, and this was my first show.

What should American fans expect from the Arnau live show?

For American concert "Arnau" we are preparing an exclusive show now. Our main goal is to acquaint American viewers with Kazakh culture, with Kazakh music. And I hope that American viewers and viewers from other countries will enjoy Kazakh music.

What is the best thing to perform on stage in front of an audience?

Performing on stage for me is to some extent an intimate moment. It may sound silly, but for me it's a buzz. On stage, I share my innermost: my thoughts, preferences in music. I try to do what the audience likes, but I adhere to my musical principles and standards.

The best thing is speaking to people. I don’t even know how to respond differently. This is a thrill when you are standing on the stage and several thousand people are looking at you.

What is the source of inspiration for your music?

For my music, the inspiration is the desire to achieve heights. First of all, I speak not as a musician, but as a person. To achieve heights is not because it is vanity, and I want to draw attention to myself, to bathe in the glory. Not therefore. But because, firstly, thanks to the achievements of a person, his parents begin to rejoice and respect. I always wanted to give some kind of happiness to my family and friends, my parents, to be proud of me, to see: I am in the process of becoming an artist and a successful person.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Remembering the time when you just started, do you look back at your career and think about the past path and how you came to where you are today?

I periodically return to the time when I started, when I thought about my coming days ... I often remember this, look back. Frankly: I feel pretty good at heart, cool. Because, in my opinion, he did a pretty good job. I still have a lot to do and devote several more years of my life to music, probably even my whole life. But now, having at least some audience, I am very pleased that there are people who are interested in my work. It is very encouraging and very inspiring.

Could you surprise us with something?

It seems to me that there is nothing to surprise modern people with, so, perhaps, no, I can’t.

What happens when you run into a brick wall from the audience while singing? How do you overcome this?

When I encounter misunderstanding and rejection during a speech, I begin to convince people that I am right. Because this is my performance, my concerts, this is my time of communication with my audience. And I believe that the artist’s team should support him, help realize his ambitions, the artist’s ideas. Mostly they understand me now - I can’t say that there are some misunderstandings in my life. Everything is fine.

What do you think is the difference between the US music industry?

In my opinion, the fact that American musicians are largely innovative, and many musical directions were invented by them. This is a big plus of American musicians.

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After all your trips, is there a place where you would like to come and perform where you have not been?

I want to sing and perform wherever they invite me.

How have friends and family reacted to your career?

My family and friends have always supported me and to this day they support me, and I am very grateful to them for that. I’m living very comfortable right now, because my friends are also musicians. They help in some way, suggest somewhere, sometimes we collectively decide some moments. And with parents and with my family - exactly the same. I like to consult and advise, but I always do as I see fit. In basic, of course, I obey my father, because he is a very erudite and intelligent person - he understands life more than I do.

What do you do in your free time besides music?

I swim in the pool, I try to meet friends more often. We chat about music, about life, I compose songs.

Name one live or deceased artist or group with whom you dreamed of collaborating, and why.

With Michael Jackson and Pavarotti, of course, it will not work, but they dreamed of dreaming. It remains only to remember and listen to their music. As a child, I, of course, dreamed of meeting them, singing together, but these were children's ambitions. And now I very much dream of singing with the legendary, in my opinion, singer Celine Dion. As for me, there are almost no such singers. I said “almost”, because in my circle there are many talented world singers - I do not want to offend them.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Is there any promising group or artist that you think everyone should pay attention to now?

There are very, very many of them, I don’t even know who to mark. Because I often surf the Internet and am going to get to know the music industry even more. I need to look at the performances of other artists in order to get acquainted with new musical directions, in order to recognize unfamiliar colors.

If music were not your life (or life goal), what would be your career?

I never thought about that. I always knew that I would become a singer, and that’s it.

So, what's next for Dimash?

Only God knows.

Before you began your musical career, what was your most exciting musical experience?

I can’t remember something.

Have you been influenced by your contacts with other cultures as an artist?

Of course. I try to study folk songs of other countries in order to later use the vocal techniques inherent only to this country, and some other vocal techniques that are used in folk songs of only one country. I think we should try to listen to all the folklore melodies in order to enrich ourselves not only culturally, but also spiritually.

When you interpret songs, what messages do you like to convey?

I am a little at a loss to answer this question because I believe that when I interpret songs, I ... cannot explain it, because the language of music is not translated into human language.

Since the beginning of your career, there have been many technological changes. What influence did they have on your music? To the music itself?

For some reason, it seems to me that lately the music itself has disappeared. Everything has become more computer, or something ... I can not say. But I want the music not to change so fast, not so fast. I want more music in the style of Stevie Wonder or classical music, which Luciano Pavarotti sang. It seems to me that real music is like that, and not what is happening now with the help of technology. Therefore, there are more and more singers, because computers do everything to them.

Technology also influenced my music, because, firstly, we began to use more modern sounds, and the sound has slightly changed, I hope, for the better. But there are no special changes, because I work in the direction of neoclassicism, and we have a lot of string sounds and a more symphonic sound.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my life.

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

What do you think you bring to the world when you sing?

I cannot answer this question, because it is better to ask my viewers about this. What I feel is probably ... I share my secrets with them. My biggest dream is that love reigned in the world, that people never offended each other, that children didn’t suffer, did not cry, that everything was fine, that there was no war ... It seems to me that music can help everyone live in the world friendly and united.

What living conditions do you need to continue to create?

The most important condition in life in order to continue to create is that relatives and friends be happy and healthy, and everything else will come true by itself.

How do you fuel your muse? Are there any books, films or albums that have greatly influenced your development as an artist?

How do I nourish my muse? I watch documentaries about great musicians, about great personalities such as Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, Stevie Wonder, Freddie Mercury. I admire the fact that they were able to gather such an audience and gave all the inhabitants of our planet a few unforgettable moments. Almost all the inhabitants of this world have moments in life that are directly related to the music of Michael Jackson. Someone met their first love under the voice of Pavarotti. I want ... I really dream of leaving my mark in music. Maybe it will come true, maybe not, but at least I will strive for it.

How would you formulate your mission as an artist?

My main mission is to introduce the world to Kazakh culture and make it clear to all the inhabitants of our planet that we are all human and all the same, in fact.

December 10 2019 of the year at the Barclays Center arena in New York Dimash recital (DQ) with Arnau program. You can buy tickets here.

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