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Taxes and Tax Filling: Finance Specialist Answers ForumDaily Readers Questions

The US tax system is quite confusing, and it is sometimes difficult for both Americans and immigrants to understand its intricacies. At the same time, errors in filing a declaration can result in additional costs and problems with one of the most formidable American departments - the Tax Service ...

ForumDaily - your HeadHunter among Russian-speaking Americans

Every Wednesday, vacancies for Russian-speaking Americans appear in the top news of the ForumDaily portal. This is a demanded and expected collection, which more than one and a half thousand people read on the same day. We offer a unique opportunity for employers. ForumDaily is ready to become your assistant in “hunting ...”

Weekend Book: "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean"

American writer Edward Kritzler in the book "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean" focuses on the little-known pages of the history of the Jewish people. Kritzler, living in Jamaica, devoted many years to the study of Jewish piracy. "How the generation of desperately brave Jews created their empire in an effort to enrich themselves, to get a religious ...

Diplomat on how to get a job at the UN and move to the USA

Incognito, the Russian-speaking diplomat told ForumDaily about her experience of moving to the United States and how the diplomatic statute impedes renting housing. Living in the United States was for me a consequence rather than a cause or even a goal of life. And if it all began as a phenomenon ...

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